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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-05 10:00:00
It was announced on Impact Wrestling that AJ Styles will face Bully Ray at Bound for Glory for the TNA World Championship. How can that be possible when President Dixie Carter herself ripped up the contract in the middle of the ring last week? Even Styles said he was not under contract with TNA. What's the deal? Is he or isn't he?

Carter ripped up Styles' "contract" so we are supposed to believe he will be wrestling at the PPV without one. The reality is that his original TNA deal expired several weeks ago, but he signed an extension through December 2013.

Why is Dustin Rhodes wearing the Goldust makeup when he's supposed to be in a serious situation, such as hopping the rails?

WWE Creative. I agree it's pretty silly and takes you out of the realism of the moment. Who's going to paint their face and ears and then sneak around?

I was watching some old ECW where Brian Pillman knifed a fan in the head. Who was that fan?

One, he used a fork to the head, not a knife. The "fan" in question was actually a ECW student who later wrestled as Chris Krueger on the independents.

Did WWE explain how the Bella Twins ever turned babyface?

No, but the idea was that when AJ Lee came out and cut a promo on the Total Divas cast, they were all now babyfaces against her. It was never really explained, but I am told that was pretty much the idea. Of course they are only babyfaces on WWE TV, as opposed to the reality show, where they all have issues with each other, but that's another story.

Undertaker return. When?

As the legends have foretold, when Wrestlemania looms near, the Undertaker shall return. That is when.

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