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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-04 10:00:00
Since Ken Anderson said he'll be getting a new deal with TNA, what do you think of an Aces and Eights face turn where Anderson returns to take the club from Bully Ray and he becomes the new President?

If Anderson returns, the most logical thing would be for him to return to face Bully Ray and attempt to get revenge. I don't think Anderson having an entire motorcycle club behind him to take out one villain really makes that seem like a worthy, fair fight for redemption, however.

One thing that I picked up on a few months back...CM Punk always used to follow up his running high knee with a bulldog out of the corner. Now he uses a short arm clothesline instead. Has WWE decided the bulldog is too risky of a move?

No, as we've noted here on the site, Punk is working with a number of nagging injuries, including his knee and ankle. The elimination of the bulldog is due to those injuries.

April and October sometimes have 5 Sundays and WWE usually have 2 PPVs. Do you have any idea why they would schedule 2 this year when there are only 4 this year; not much time for storyline purposes; love this site guys thanks

Sometimes, the most obvious answer is the right one: they want to make as much money as possible.

Do you find the post-Cena (I know he is returning) era in the WWE refreshing? I am not so happy with the HHH-Steph story lines, but as far as the baby faces in the company go, I feel very refreshed that Cena is out of the picture). I truly believe that Daniel Bryan could carry the company for a while. I am not sure yet he has the long staying power as a Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, or John Cena as the top guy, but I could see him being The Main Eventer for at least the next few years. Thoughts?

I feel like WWE has established a direction for themselves but to me, a big part of the issue is that they are putting so much heat on villains that can never be toppled. Vince McMahon could be beaten and humilated. HHH is still playing his top tier wrestler villain and Stephanie is never going to be taken down, physically or in true power, so when and how do any of the talents that have been emasculated get back at them? I do think there has been a lot of good wrestling on the shows, but they are overachieving to get beyond some really bad writing at times.

Your website continues to be as awesome as a Paul Heyman promo so please never go away! Now to go the opposite way, my question is whether you think Triple H & Stephanie McMahon have the smarts enough to kill a storyline when it's not working? If the current state of Monday Night RAW and Triple H's interviews on are any indication of what wrestling fans can expect after Vince passes away, I think we're in trouble as wrestling fans.

I don't think you can blame them, because Vince McMahon is the head of creative and EVERYTHING is approved by him. I think that it will take some truly poor ratings for WWE to change any immediate direction but my fear is the blame will be placed on the likes of Daniel Bryan or someone else, as opposed to the creative regime.

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