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By Dave Scherer on 2013-10-03 09:59:00

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Raw did its lowest audience since last year? How bad will the buyrate for Battleground be?

Personally, I don't think it will be good. I would say under 200,000 and I don't think am not going out on a limb saying it.

Would you agree that Greg Gagne is the worst example of nepotism in wrestling history? I suppose you could say Vince's kids, but Greg Gagne was the AWA Tag Team Champion for like 5 years, and he was an AWFUL worker, and incredibly boring to boot. I would even argue that Shane O'Mac was better in the ring in the 2 dozen or so matches he wrestled than Greg Gagne was his entire career. Thoughts?

Nick Gulas' kid was said to be worse but I get your point. Greg was way overpushed and it was because of who his dad was.

Well, if WWE is intent on throwing the gauntlet down at Daniel Bryan, is there any chance that sometime down the line, in the near or distant future, they'll put him in the ring against Brock Lesnar? I know there's a great size differential and conflict of in-ring style, but would it be possible for WWE to pull it off?

I could see it down the road. It would make sense to do it after Bryan vanquished HHH (if that happens) to then have Paul Heyman want the WWE Title and sic his charges on Bryan.

With the current McMahon power grab storyline, which happens first? Does Linda Mac show up to save the day for the oppressed wrestlers again, or does Daniel Bryan show up with a SOY MILK truck and hose down the McMahons? Personally I think it would be a hilarious riff on the Austin and Angle actions of the past since it would be soy milk.

Honestly, I am sick of them redoing old angles. I would rather not see either. I don't see Linda coming back in that role.

Before Summerslam I remember reading the HHH/McMahon angle would have the big payoff at Wrestle Mania 30. My initial thoughts were great, they would prolong Bryan v Orton 1 on 1 until then putting lots of obstacles in his way (i.e. Big Show/HHH/The Shield) in PPV matches to keep him busy but in the main storyline until winning the Rumble then getting the shot at Mania. A bit like they did with Austin leading up to WM15. Now it seems to me that it will be that Bryan can’t ultimately get the job done and it will be John Cena who has to come back and save the day at Mania? This seems very scary to me if the people in control think this is what the people want to see.

You aren't alone. A lot of people feel that way. I get that they love Cena but he is not getting any younger and if there were ever a time to make new guys, with Cena on the sideline, it's now. They have blown it thus far in my opinion. This weekend they need to have both Bryan and Cody Rhodes win definitively and get over, for real. Will they? I have no idea.

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