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By Dave Scherer on 2013-10-02 09:59:00

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I saw the mention of the Cobra snake charming match and how you had to be in 4th grade to enjoy it. Not picking a fight (because that didn't make me chuckle reading it) but I actually did enjoy it. I don't mind the silliness from Santino because he seems to really wear that glove well for the WWE. His matches are also pretty quick so it's almost like a silly little intermission (at least how I see it). Does anyone at PWI enjoy his antics in that sense?

In small doses, he is OK. He is a comedy character and is what he is. He is good at what they have him do. But honestly, I speak for all of us when I say that they the stuff he does that appeal to little kids doesn't appeal to us. To be fair however, we are not who they are trying to appeal to.

How do you think TNA is using Jeff Hardy? In 2009 Hardy was arguably WWE's biggest face alongside John Cena, and has appeal to all demo's. Yet he seems to just be appearing on every other Impact in the odd match with no storyline for fans to care about. Such a waste IMO, I understand he can't be World champ permanently, but surely something more than what he's been doing for the past 6 months? RVD mark 2?

He could be given a bigger push but you also have to remember the past. There was the meltdown at Victory Road 2011, which was not pretty. I can understand why they would hesitate to push him that hard again. Also, he may not want it. He is at a different place in his life as well.

If Daniel Bryan is able to get past everything HHH throws at him and holds the belt until Wrestlemania, could you see HHH putting him in a career vs streak match with the Undertaker? That would be the ultimate rub and a match for the ages!

Since I don't see them ending the streak, I hope they don't do that. But if they were going to end the streak, it would be the rub of a lifetime for Bryan, for sure.

With TNA's Hall of Fame ceremony coming up I was wondering something. I've heard that WWE sometimes signs former talent to legends contracts (which would stop them from appearing for TNA)before inducting them into their HOF. Do you think the reason why they Sting (last year) & Kurt Angle (this year) while they're part of the active roster may partly have to do with fear that WWE might sign them to legends contracts thus stopping them from being able to appear for TNA?

I had never thought of it that way. You could be onto something. It could also be that TNA wanted a Hall and those two were the most likely inductees.

How does the WWE ring break on command? Like when Big Show/Henry came off the top rope. Do they just hit it on the right spot?

No, they have it set up with a release so that they can have it all come down when they pull the trigger.

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