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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-30 10:00:00
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In some of the old results, I see a listing for a Batman Tony Marino in the WWWF. Did he actually do a Batman gimmick and how is it he wasn't sued?

Marino indeed played off Batman. My guess is that since times were different then, the owners of the Batman copyright weren't aware of the gimmick.

Haven't had a chance to watch the new Triple H DVD yet but heard that it briefly discusses the fact that Mark Jindrak, not Batista, was originally slated to be the 4th member of evolution. Do you know what led to te change in plans? And how do you think the careers of both Jindrak and Batista would be different today, had the original stuck?

WWE just made the decision that Batista would be the stronger long-term prospect. Obviously, it turned out pretty well as he was a headline Wrestlemania act within a few years. I don't think Batista would have evolved as well had he not been working so closely with Ric Flair and Triple H, but Jindrak likely would have. I always felt he was rushed onto TV far too quickly in WCW and it hurt his development. Jindrak eventually found his niche in Mexico, so it all worked out for everyone involved.

I haven't seen WWE Divas star Kaitlyn for awhile. What's the reason?

She was simply off TV while the storylines were focusing on the Total Divas storyline. She appeared on the WWE App last week and will be signing at in NYC on 10/26.

With Mickie James no longer with TNA do you see her resigning with WWE this year or in 2014? Is she under a 90 day no compete clause or is she free to sign right away with WWE?

When a contract expires, there is no 90 day non-compete. Those are only in play when WWE releases the talent but pays them contractually for another 90 days. James could return to WWE is she and WWE wanted it, could sign with TNA again or could remain outside of either company, doing whatever she wants.

With Velvet Sky aligning herself with Chris Sabin and Brooke Tessmacher Bully Ray's main lady does this mean that we won't seeing both ladies wrestling in the ring as much as we use to?

Yes, it means they are retired. It also means they are going to shave their heads. How you would think that by being associated with male competitors, that somehow means they are done in the ring is beyond me! If anything, it ties them to storylines and allows them more of a chance to do tags and gimmick matches with their partners!

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