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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-28 10:00:00

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Am I the only one who finds the RVD/HHH aspect of the current storyline more interesting than the Bryan/HHH stuff? It's not as blatant and overt, with HHH wanting to hear RVD's feedback and then "rewards" him by putting him in matches designed to get him hurt (Orton on SD a while back, Orton last night, Del Rio took a blatant DQ at the PPV, even Ryback on Raw). The idea of HHH saying one thing to RVD's face while screwing him over is almost a metaphor for those two guys' relationship in WWE over the years. That said, RVD has to go over at the PPV, doesn't he? He's taking too many vicious beatings to not get something back. I think he pulls out a miracle win over Alberto but he'll be so decimated that Sandow picks the bones and cashes in. In fact RVD is the perfect guy to use in such a transition capacity. What do you think?

If that is the way WWE is going with everything, it's a pretty great idea since it's been so understated. All signs are that RVD will be finishing out this run around Battleground, so unless the company really plans to do something unprecedented with the World title, I don't see him getting the belt. I also don't see him vs. HHH anytime soon.

What is the latest on the ECW arena? Are they still renovating it? I know some lease at ended or something like that.

The Arena is back in the hands of the original owners after the person who leased it was evicted from the property. They are currently renovating and hope to be open with a larger facility in January 2014, although that's the latest in a series of dates that have been pushed back. The venue is sorely missed for independent wrestling in that area.

Is the braintrust at TNA so creatively bankrupt that they think the "Billion Dollar Dixie" angle will sell a single ticket or PPV buy? As you guys have pointed out repeatedly, the heel GM/owner storyline is stale, and now we've got both companies doing it. Again. Is there any redeeming quality to this storyline that will make me want to watch it play out in TNA? Right now, I have zero interest in it.

I get the impression that the storyline is more to segue them into the new next direction more than it's about putting all of the focus on Dixie Carter, but as it develops, we'll see what the real deal is,.

I haven't heard anything about Droz in a long time. Any idea how he's doing and what he's up to these days?

The last we've heard, Darren Drosdov is living in New Jersey. He and WWE came to a financial settlement over his injuries. He's appeared at a few signings, but beyond that, I haven't heard much about what he is up to. We hope he's doing as well as he can be doing.

Do you see Hulk Hogan being fired live on TNA next week?

With his creative control, that is just never ever going to happen.

Although everything points to a Daniel Bryan/HHH feud, do you think a better scenario would be for there to be a Big Show/HHH feud? I mean with Stephanie asking Show to knock others out, and HHH mocking him every chance he gets, what if Show goes to knock out Bryan, he ducks, and KO's Stephanie "accidently", leading to a match between the two for Big Show's iron clad contact rights? At least, it would move them away from the WWE title picture somewhat.

I can certainly see them doing the match eventually, but I don't see it being a huge long-term storyline. As far as a PPV attraction, absolutely. I don't see what it would do for Big Show, but I think they've built the storyline enough that fans would want to see Show get revenge.

I realize that this is probably a pointless question but what are the chances of legendary wrestling commentator Jim Ross signing on with TNA? Is TNA allowed to contact him if they wanted to?

Ross publicly stated he has no interest in working for TNA. Now, he could be throwing that out there to hide any potential negotiations, but in this case, I really don't see him wanting to go into the day to day stress that comes with that sort of job. He's more than earned his chance to relax.

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