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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-27 10:00:48

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I was wondering if you knew anything about a WCW vs WWE tug of war match that was supposed to happen, or did happen, in one of the summers BEFORE the Monday Night Wars. I remember hearing about it as a kid but don't remember anything coming of it. Was this something planned or am I just making something up in my brain from my childhood.

I'm afraid you heard something that just wasn't true. There were no such plans ever. The only thing I can even come close to connecting to what you remember as a child was WWF vs. the company's off-shoot bodybuilding league, The WBF in a tug-of-war, which did air on one of the WWF's weekend programs on the USA Network.

I know TNA's problems are many, but don't you think one of the main issues is spending too much time trying to emulate WWE, instead of finding their own voice? They've been quick to snatch up any of WWE's talent cast-offs for years now, and last week's Dixie Carter heel turn was jaw-droppingly groan-inducing in appearing to be a shameless carbon copy of WWE's current top storyline. Somebody somewhere should realize that they're in no position to compete directly, and they'd be better off providing an alternative rather than a lower-rent clone. In general, fans seemed much more supportive of the product when stuff like the X-Division and the Knockouts were pushed heavily as signature attractions.

I agree with you quite a bit on this. Whether Dixie Carter turns into an awesome heel foil or not, the reality is that WWE already has a similar character in Stephanie McMahon - so, no matter what TNA does, it will seem secondary, because they weren't first to the race with that direction and presentation. I agree that the most logical course of action is to go completely different from everything WWE presents, but TNA has never, ever done that, at least not at full-strength.

It's a little early to speculate, but in your opinion, what's the money match to main event Wrestlemania XXX? Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are the two most over guys in the company right now, and they've already proven they tear down the house every time they're in the ring together. Speaking totally from a fanboy perspective, I can't think of a more satisfying scenario than seeing those two guys finally getting their deserved chances to headline at the big dance. Or does the current main event program get dragged out all the way to Mania, with DBryan vs. HHH on top?

To me, the top match right now is John Cena winning the Royal Rumble and challenging Daniel Bryan for the WWE title. Personally, I like the scenario of Punk vs. Bryan on top but I can't see WWE giving that to either man when they have the likes of Brock Lesnar, HHH, Rock, etc. who they see as bigger "names" for the mainstream audience members they are trying to hook to watch the show. But, a guy can hope!

Who had physical possession of the NWA World Championship belt between the time WWE was forced to stop using it on TV in late 1991 and when it was returned to the NWA in mid-1992? And how was WCW able to retain possession of the belt after once again parting ways with the NWA in 1993?

The Big Gold Belt was in Ric Flair's possession until he was legally ordered to return it to the NWA. The NWA, likely Bob Trobich, had it until the tournament was held in Japan, won by Masahiro Chono. At that point, the belt bounced around the different champions.

WCW was able to keep the belt because, well, they just did. At that point, there was no longer a bond being paid by the champion to insure the return of the belt and the NWA, for whatever reason, never legally pursued the return of the belt. I am sure they certainly wished that they had as it has to be worth a ton for its importance in wrestling lore.

So I just got done watching the new Triple H DVD and I have enjoyed the last few WWE DVD's; particularly the CM Punk, Mick Foley and Attitude era documentaries. But I I have to ask, what was the point in the Triple H DVD? At a time when H is the top heel in the company, WWE release a documentary with Vince crying about how he is a great man and a great father. They have Undertaker break kayfabe, and a load of guys stroking H's ego. Now unless Vince said "We're doing this and that's final," I have to wonder why? Why does H need validation? Why release it now? WHY?

They released it first, to make money and second, because they felt that presentation was the best product they could release. I am sure ego had something to do with it, but it may also be that they decided that if they went truly deep with it, it would make HHH look better and be a more interesting documentary for the audience to watch.

Now that ROH has repeatedly failed with ippv, do you see them passing this up in favor of traditional television ppv. I know live ppv is really expensive, but some kind of deal where they can do a quick turnaround like they do with their VOD service and give it to a ppv provider can be feasible I think.'

In my interview with Joe Koff, he noted that he is content with doing VOD iPPV. I don'r believe the company has any long-term intentions of running on traditional PPV, especially taped. ROH did that under Cary Silkin and the PPVs were never a huge success.

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