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By Dave Scherer on 2013-09-29 09:59:00

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I listened to the TNA Pioneers of the internet broadcast. I heard Jeremy Borash say that his first choice to do a radio show with was Bob Ryder and Ryder said that he turned Jeremy down at first. Correct me if I am wrong, but Borash, Mick Karch and yourself were the original members of Wrestling Radio and Ryder came along later, right? Are they revising history? Also, I view you as a pioneer of internet wrestling, why weren't you on the show?

You are correct sir. You can't blame Borash and Ryder, they are getting old. I don't blame them for not asking me to be on the show. I don't think Dixie Carter would have approved, but thanks for the kind words. And hey, Bob was there for one of the truly great moments in wrestling journalism history, a commercial for something called The Fatwhacker!

Ok, when I saw the Dixie Carter thing a few weeks ago on Impact it hit a sour note, and now that I have sat on it I think I know why… Aren’t TNA and the WWE about to run the same storyline, the overbearing owner who has all the power and the wrestlers fighting against it, and really if the OWNER of the company is going to be on TV and turn heel is there really any other way to go? I mean Roger Goodell gets the same reaction that the HHH does and he isn’t even doing a story line.

Yep, that is what I said when they did the angle on 9/19. It is a rip off of what WWE is doing.

Love the site...I agree with those who have said that the reason Vince v. Austin got over so well is that Vince always sold for him and it was fun to see Austin get the last laugh. I also agree that the current HHH v. Bryan angle will be a disaster if HHH never lets Bryan get any heat back from him. That being said, it's always been the assumption that Vince is the ultimate boss and what's on TV is his vision. If that's the case, why wouldn't Vince just tell his son-in-law in no uncertain terms that he needs to start selling for Bryan? Am I missing something this Vince's vision or HHH's vision that we're seeing every week?

This is Vince's vision you are seeing every week. Hopefully he will remember what worked with himself and Austin and have HHH start selling for Bryan soon.

Just curious but what happened to Big E Langston? He really seemed to be improving and was looking strong over the summer in his feud with Ziggler.

He is around. It's just that since they dropped the Dolph Ziggler-AJ angle in order to put her in with the Total Divas, Langston hasn't had a storyline.

During the MizTV segment of RAW, you can clearly see Stephanie McMahon has something written on her hand. Any idea what it says?

Nope but I doubt it was her shopping list! It was most probably bullet points she wanted to hit in her promo.

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