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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-26 10:00:00

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I have a question about RAW. What is up with the white ropes and white ringposts? I usually never care about how the ring looks, but it just looks like the ring is ready for a wedding everytime I see it. There's nothing fierce about it. Back in the attitude era, they had black posts and red ropes, it felt looked like that's where you go to settle scores. And I think the production is just way too much. For instance, when Kane comes out you see a giant wall of fire on the led screens behind him now, but when he use to come out back in '98, there would be just a red light shining down on him, making it more erie and focusing more on the superstar rather than the entrance set. Same thing with The Undertaker, they have these lightning bolts on the screens, it just mkaes it look even more hokey than it already is. Do you think that sometimes less is more in these cases?

I think it's just the nature of technology (HD video, better screens, etc.) changing the look of WWE, plus WWE not wanting the show to be too dark or morbid for all audiences. WWE doesn't see themselves as a pro wrestling production - they want to be unique in all aspects, including the look of their presentation on television.  They want it to look and feel like a spectacle and that's what you get.  They do an excellent job in that regard and besides, it doesn't matter what the colors are as long as the product is entertaining.

I saw Evan Bourne returned on NXT. When is he coming to the main roster? Are there any plans for him at this point?

There's been no clear cut sign that he's returning to the main roster anytime soon from his foot injury.  He's worked a few matches down in NXT and that's pretty much all he's done.

Could I be the only on who doesn't want to see Daniel Bryan getting in the ring with Triple H to end the current storyline? As I see it, Bryan beats Corporation 2.0 if he wins back the WWE title in the most spectacular way possible, which would be by winning the Rumble from the number one slot and then beating Orton in the main event at Wrestlemania, and the Mania match would be a perfect vehicle for a Rocky 4 style build with vignettes of Orton working out with the best of everything at the new performance centre while Bryan trains for the biggest match of his life in some battered old gym in Nowheresville. Throw Bryan's old mentor, Shawn Michaels, into the mix as the trainer who believes he has what it takes to win the big one and you've got the perfect set-up for elevating Bryan with the rub of having Mr. Wrestlemania in his corner, and if Triple H won't sell for Bryan he can at least eat a superkick from his best friend to bring him around for a face turn at the post-Mania Raw. Orton v Bryan at Mania with Triple H and Shawn Michaels in opposing corners sounds good to me and with Triple H in a non-wrestling role it leave space on the card to elevate other talents as well.

I think that the obvious end-game to the story is Bryan vs. HHH, but if it doesn't end with HHH tapping out and acquiescing that Bryan is the better man at the end of the day, then it's a lot of time wasted for nothing. I don't see WWE stretching the Bryan vs. Orton feud all the way to Wrestlemania.  It's dominated all of WWE's TV for the last six weeks, so by continuing to go that route all the way through April 2014 sounds more like a recipe to burn the performers and audience out.

My friend bet me $50 that John Cena took time off to get married. Who's right?

Your friend owes you $50. Cena is not married and unless there's been a secret ceremony planned, he's not getting married.

I saw Matt Striker hosts the WWE Best of MSG DVD. Is he back with the company?

No, the footage was actually filmed months before the DVD was released and well before Striker's release from the company.  WWE usually has the productions finished 2-4 months before they are released via retail.

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