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By Dave Scherer on 2013-09-25 09:59:00

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You say the WWE is doing the Power Trip 2.0 storyline from the attitude era because of the simple reason that it was successful the first time. Pardon my naivety here but that was 1998 and this is 2013: a good decade and a half ago. I dare say that the climate in almost every facet if daily life has changed, to the point where the Attitude era could be termed a generation ago. It makes no sense to try an idea that worked 15 years ago under circumstances that are almost entirely different from today ( major rival in the wrestling business, and hence no Monday Night Wars to get audiences interested; hardly any top-rate mid-card athletes and active tag-team division). What do you say?

I don't think the employee vs. owner storyline has gotten old in the 15 years. I don't see what WCW has to do with it. Austin vs. McMahon wasn't about them. I just think that HHH needs to start selling for Bryan. That is what will make the story more interesting.

Hi! While reading some Q and A's from your website (which I do daily), something crossed my mind. What if the JR "retirement" thing was part of a storyline? Bear with me: Vince McMahon, HHH and Stephanie, which are the 3 on-air corporate bad guys firing people (Cody Rhodes), tweeted about it. It was announced on the website, which is famous for furthering storylines, and now the big "Rhodes family" thing coming. Maybe that will be a way to bring back JR in some kind of scenario, at least for a match, probably a Survivor Series kind of thing: "Team McMahon-Helmsley vs Team Rhodes" with JR to comment. How about that? I forgot to add: If it's a storyline thing, then that would explain the lack of fanfare, respectful way of announcing, appreciation night, etc...

I will respond with a question to you. How is something an angle when it is not announced to the masses? If most of the WWE fans have no idea it happened, then it would make not sense as a storyline. This is not an angle. Could it turn into one down the road? Sure, they have done that with Ross before. But today, it's not.

I know that Hogan and Bischoff are terrible businessmen. Russo was a bad booker and Brother Love’s storylines were boring. Now, why do people think that Jeff Jarrett is the Messiah of TNA? He is a regular booker, he isn’t a Paul Heyman or Gabe Sapolsky. But now, people is screaming "If Jarrett is back, TNA'll be great.", "He is what TNA needs."

Eric Bischoff is a very good businessman, so that statement isn't true. He has made a ton of money for himself and had some successful projects. As for Jarrett, people want any kind of change right now.

Do you think Stephanie McMahon-Levesque is selling off so much stock so that Triple H can buy it? I mean, with the downgrade guidance for the rest of the year, couldn't he buy the stock at a nice discount and Stephanie can make a nice profit? You know, keep it all in the family?

Triple and Stephanie are married so if she sells and he buys, it's a wash on their funds. H can buy WWE stock on the open market. He doesn't need to buy Steph's.

Do you think now would be a good time for WWE to revive the Nexus led by Daniel Bryan to battle against Triple H's regime? Many of the original talent aren't really involved in any major storyline angles (Gabriel, Barrett, Slater, etc.) and if they added a few fresh faces (Ziggler?) I think it could benefit all of them a lot.

I don't see that working. The Nexus guys just haven't been pushed as credible up until now. And really, the whole idea of the storyline is for Bryan to fight his way to the top. If he gets help, it should be on an individual basis.

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