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By Dave Scherer on 2013-09-24 09:59:00

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Don't you think the way the Triple H-Daniel Byran storyline is going that the best way for it to end would be Triple H making himself WWE champ and putting up all sorts of road blocks in the way of Daniel Bryan, ie the Shield, Orton, a Big Show heel turn a returning Sheamus heel turn all leading to Daniel Bryan winning the Rumble and Triple H putting over Bryan the best way possible by tapping out to the yes lock in the Main Event of Wrestlemania XXX for the WWE title??

So wait a second, Bryan can beat John Cena and Randy Orton, two current top guys, but he is not made until he beats an semi-retired HHH? I HATE that idea. The only part of it that I like is Bryan making HHH tap out, but it shouldn't be with H as champion.

So let me get this straight...Tammy Sytch makes claims online that she got mugged. Websites report it. And she later criticizes them for not checking their facts before posting a story. It's not like people are making up things about her - they're repeating verbatim what she said! So, all she really proved is she's not above lying to her fans, and that she shouldn't be taken at her word. Am I missing something here?

Hey, she did that site with Missy Hyatt and will spoon with fans for money. I think lying to her fans is pretty far down the list of things she isn't about. But yes, she made no sense. As a public person, a statement from her does not need to be corroborated to be reported. In the past I have heard he say she was both pre-law and pre-med (believe that at your own peril as, after all she said it and she has shown she will lie to people). I guess she was never a journalism major or she would know one of the most basic of rules. She is a mess.

Do you think TNA will still go through with Kurt Angle's induction into the TNA Hall of Fame?

Last I heard they were. I don't see why they wouldn't at this point.

Obviously, the WWE storyline with the Rhodes family is leading to Cody's return (and possibly to Dustin's return to a producer role). Two questions: 1) Do you think this is going to lead to a blending of story lines between the Rhodes' family and Daniel Bryan's storyline with the McMahons? Do you think this will lead to a Main Event push for Cody?

I wouldn't be shocked to see Bryan team with The Rhodes boys and maybe a few others vs. the top heels at The Survivor Series. It would make perfect sense.

Since you have been covering wrestling for a long time, you have seen the closure of many organizations from AWA to ECW to WCW, and so on…. in your opinion, do you see TNA's doors remaining open for another five years? As a fan, I just don't see TNA around in 2018. I really do wish them well because there are many great stars in the organizations, but, strictly from a business standpoint, I don't see TNA staying open that much longer.

I can't say to be honest. It all comes down to whether the Carter family will continue funding the company when it needs it. The Carters are extremely wealthy so as long as they are willing to do so, TNA will stay around. Well, as long as Dixie Carter doesn't lose interest in it.

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