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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-21 10:00:49
So let me get this straight...Tammy Sytch makes claims online that she got mugged. Websites report it. And she later criticizes them for not checking their facts before posting a story. It's not like people are making up things about her - they're repeating verbatim what she said! So, all she really proved is she's not above lying to her fans, and that she shouldn't be taken at her word. Am I missing something here? Has she learned anything from what happened to her last year?

No, you have not. The rule of journalism is that when a subject says something, the fact that they said it is true and that is the story. If I say I was abducted by aliens and The New York Times reports that "Mike Johnson says he was abducted by aliens", it's true - because I did say that. I think anyone with a clear head who isn't clouded by being a sycophant or adoring fan of a quasi-celebrity who's best years are far behind her can see this one plain as day. Unfortunately, over 100 days in jail didn't humble Sytch, in the least, so no, I suppose she didn't learn anything.

Also, how do we know she's even written this book she's telling everyone is coming out this December?

I checked around when I received this question. The book is actually written and has been edited and is completed. Currently, however, she does not have a publisher, although that doesn't mean she might not go the self-publishing route. It's going to be interesting to see how much of the book actually holds up to scrutiny after the events of the last few days, because now ANYTHING that she says has to be taken into question.

Do you think there is any chance that Jim Ross is working a storyline firing, so that he can join up with Dusty Rhodes' group?

100% not the case.

Where was Santino Marella all this time he was gone?

Marella had taken time off to heal some nagging injuries and set up his Toronto wrestling school. He is now back full-time with the company.

I saw Mike is helping put together a Pro Wrestling Film Festival. Any chance he will show "No Holds Barred?" I will literally fly to NYC from Iowa for that.

Wow, that is some dedication. As of right now, there are no plans for "No Holds Barred." We don't believe that WWE would be willing to license the screening and even if we did purchase it, it likely would not be financially feasible. We want the festival to be affordable and fun for anyone who wants to go this November. If you do, visit

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