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By Dave Scherer on 2013-09-23 09:59:00

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Why is the current rehash of the Attitude era storyline a bad thing? Fans are really behind Daniel Bryan and were behind all the faces saving him. The Rhodes storyline is elevating another star while bringing in two generations of older stars older fans cared about. The Big Show gets another push. They are rebuilding Dolph Ziggler into the main storyline, too. And they are doing things differently by having Triple H test Randy Orton, maintain and not ignore heat with Paul Heyman, and even show tweener signs rather than make him a complete heel. Even Stephanie McMahon is acting more cunning in this angle. I like it and I haven't liked a lot in recent months

Then obviously it's not a bad thing to you. I am glad you are enjoying it. The only thing I will agree with you on is that the fans are still into Bryan, thank God.

Do you think what's hurting WWE with this new corporate storyline is the p.g. rating? Even though it's being recycled from the Attitude era?

If you listen to the people who sent the question above, nothing is hurting it! I don't think the rating matters. Steph talked about dismembering Dusty on last week's Raw, which isn't exactly kid friendly. To me, there are a few problems. One is history. Triple H's character did the same kind of stuff to CM Punk in 2011, when he had just won the WWE Title from John Cena. H made Punk seem small and never let Punk get his heat back. So knowing the past, I am worried he will do the same thing to Bryan. Two is HHH himself. When Vince McMahon played the role, he always gave heat back to Steve Austin. He took beatings and showed his ass. Triple H, thus far, has show no propensity to do so. The other thing that really bugs me it Steph's character. If there is a plan for her to take a serious ass whipping down the road then fine. But if she continues to emasculate the Big Show and never gets her ass kicked, I hate that aspect of it. This is wrestling, justice is meant to be doled out in beatdowns. Steph and HHH need to take them, just like Vince McMahon did.

I am looking forward to the new HHH DVD, but do you think his current heel persona will hurt its sales?

Maybe a little, but I think in the end the people buying it will be older fans that understand the business more. To a little kid, H is an old guy that they have only seen wrestle a few times. They aren't probably invested in him anyway.

Daniel Bryan will likely become a 3 time WWE champion sometime in the near future. Do you think it's better for him to have multiple short runs with the title, or would it have been better to have one longer run?

Personally, I think they should have let the SummerSlam moment play out for a few months. It was magical and those things don't happen that often. The constant short title reigns could pay off if he gets his win back in the end and holds the Title for a while. Also, HHH really should take a hellacious beatdown in the end to really sell that Bryan is a bad man after all.

Do you think TNA should drop Hogan & Bischoff "give the Keys to the car" to Dusty and Jim Ross?

I definitely think it's time to bid adieu to Hogan and Bischoff. They have made a lot of promises to Dixie Carter and haven't delivered on them. When you do that in the business world, it usually costs you your job. If they could work a deal with Ross and Dusty, sure they should do it. But I just don't see those two coming to terms with TNA.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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