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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-17 09:37:07
Jeff Jarrett was backstage at the Impact taping in St. Louis, Missouri this past Thursday. We are told he was involved in the backstage production meeting and was working in something of an agent's role as well. There is a lot of talk that Jarrett is starting to become more involved with the week to week of Impact again, as opposed to working behind the scenes in Nashville on new potential projects and international deals.

One of the markets TNA has been looking into as a potential permanent residence for Impact Wrestling next year was Las Vegas. The word making the rounds is that the company isn't likely to run there regularly due to the expenses involved and the feeling that the company was disappointed with how they drew last time they held a taping in the market.

The old TNA Asylum in Nashville has also been mentioned in discussions, which for the sake of history at least, would make sense. As we've noted, the discussions are part of more potential cost-cutting and if the company goes in that direction, it would not be until after the overseas tour in January 2014.

AJ Styles' contract extension runs through December 2013.

There were a number of St. Louis Rams visiting at Impact this past week.

TNA has released new t-shirts for Manik and Jeff Hardy.

Scheduled for this Thursday's Impact:

*Bobby Roode & Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Sting & Samoa Joe & Magnus.

*AJ Styles speaks out.

*Jeff Hardy vs. Manik.

*TNA Knockouts champion Mickie James vs. ODB.

*Eric Young vs. Robbie E.

*TNA Tag Team champ Gunner vs. Hernandez.

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