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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-14 10:00:00
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So the fans boo John Cena because they think he is being shoved down their throat , yet nobody sees anything wrong with the cancer of professional wrestling Bryan Danielson constantly being put in the same predicament?

First of all, describing anyone as a "cancer" is a really insulting, disgusting thing in my opinion, not to mention disrespectful to people who are fighting a really harsh, evil disease. Secondly, to call Bryan, who hasn't had a bad match since he came out of the womb, a cancer to the sport means you have a really nutty idea of what good pro wrestling is, and for that, I am sorry for you.

That said, the reason Bryan gets a pass from the majority of the audience is that they see him as someone who fought to come up in the ranks and as someone who is legit because of his background, They see Cena as someone who had it handed to him, whether that is fair or not - and I've always felt a large part of the resentment to Cena is that the male audience saw the way women reacted to him and rejected him out of jealousy. Since Bryan is seen as "one of them", there isn't that same level of resentment.

In your opinion, what is the best outcome for WWE to salvage the HHH “Best for Business” angle that will not neuter top stars (Big Show), overshadow up and comers (Cody Rhodes), and give the Austin Salute to the fans (Daniel Bryan’s 2 minute title reign)? Also, is this angle being slated as something long term (potentially to Wrestlemania) and where should Cena fit into the equation when he returns?

To me, build to a Wargames style match where in the end, Show KO's everyone, leaving Hunter trapped and forced to tap to Bryan. Bryan then wins the belt at Survivor Series. Come Rumble, Cena returns and we are off to the races.

Is there some issue between WWE and King Kong Bundy? He's never mentioned, hasn't been brought back for any legends appearances, and isn't in the hall of fame, although most of his contemporaries are. Why? He was a major star in the business, had a little mainstream recognition and headlined WM 2.

I don't believe so, although I agree completely that he should be in the Hall. He's included in the new videogame, so perhaps that will begin the process of reintegrating him back into their mythos and list of celebrated talents.

I know your site is a fan of Jim Ross, and there's been plenty of praise for him (along with The King) being the best announce team duo. However, if you take them out of the equation, who are you favorite announcing teams throughout the recent decades? I personally have to go with Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse The Body Ventura, as the team that tops the list.

I can only speak for myself, but I always like Monsoon and Bobby Heenan, Lance Russell and Dave Brown, Jim Ross and Michael Hayes, Bob Caudle and Lance Russell, and Les Thatcher and Dutch Mantel myself.

Whatever happened to the Z Man?

Tom Zenk lives in Minnesota and has not had anything to do with the business in many years.

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