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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-13 10:00:00
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Okay I have one grievance with WWE right now at all. It's what happened to Jack Swagger since Wrestlemania. The match ended 10 minutes too soon. Was just building to something special when it just? .... ended. The wrong man won. Wrestlemania night? Jack was over as a main eventer, I was there and the man was over. By losing they threw away the? next great main eventer, and arguable one of the most promising heels that people could take seriously. I would have MUCH rather seen Jack Swagger win at Wrestlemania and dominate WWE with Jack Swagger's America than watch a? recycled Corporation storyline? with Orton as head honcho. Jack? Swagger was screwed. DUI or not, business is business and had he won he would have been made for life as a credible main eventer, and probably could have drawn A LOT of money from fans who actually see the world that way. Like it or not there's a market for xenophobes too. Now, even with the addition of Cesaro, who by the way the two of them are an awesome team with a unique arsenal, the man is buried week in and week out. What happened? How did he go from WWE's most promising heel headlining Wrestlemania to becoming a full time jobber? Am I the only one who feels this makes NO sense?

He got arrested just as he was getting a huge push. In all honesty, he's lucky he didn't get released. If anyone is to blame for his push being killed, it's Swagger.   They gave him a top spot at Wrestlemania and he blew it.  That's why his push died.

With Jim Ross gone from WWE, what's the chances he will turn up on TNA?

Unless Ross signed some non-compete that would prevent him from going to the company, TNA would be ridiculously silly if they didn't try to recruit him.

Is it more or does the Ricardo-RVD pairing really suck?

I don't think it's been going on long enough to say it sucks, but those two characters together certainly do not enhance the other. It just doesn't click. I'm hoping that in the end, Ricardo just ends up back at Alberto Del Rio's side, and obviously, they could easily book that to happen at any point.

Was Chris Hero let go by WWE?

No, as a matter of fact, he worked the WWE NXT taping last night in Florida.

My friends think I am crazy, but I remember there being a ECW Maryland championship.

ECW didn't run Maryland often, but in 1993, JT Smith did win a battle royal to become the ECW Maryland champion. The title was discarded almost immediately as Eddie Gilbert's booking regime ended, but it did exist.

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