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By Samuel Ashford on 2013-09-13 01:12:32
Here's what happened on Impact after they taped No Surrender Night One:

*Jeff Hardy defeated Manik, but the X-Division title wasn't on the line. Chris Sabin then laid out Manik.

*ODB won the Knockouts title, defeating Mickie James.

*Eric Young defeated Robbie E.

*Gunner defeated Hernandez.

*Bobby Roode & Christopher Daniels & Kazarian defeated Sting & Samoa Joe & Magnus in a six-man tag match.

The final segment saw AJ Styles claim he wasn't under contract anymore and could say what he wanted. He ripped TNA for letting better wrestlers go to try and grab the brass ring with another "big name." Dixie Carter came out and cut a promo that really sounded like she was turning heel.

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