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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-12 10:00:59
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Why does everything have to be a joke to the Raw announce team? CM Punk just finished beating the hell out of Heyman's "doctor" with a kendo stick, and instead of trying to put it over, all you hear is the 3 stooges snickering and tee heeing. Don't they realize how much they can actually contribute and enhance a storyline by being serious once in a while? Not to beat a dead horse, but it really makes me miss JR.

Well, as you can see, you will be missing JR for a long time. I do feel your pain, but WWE believes that such comments make the show more fun and entertaining for the audience. It's important to remember that they are trying to produce a PG product so sometimes when you might want to see the moment be a little dark and serious, WWE is trying to keep all ages in mind. I do agree that they probably shouldn't have been laughing about Punk beating up the doctor, but at the same time, the audience has no real reason to care about the doctor, anyway.

I was watching Raw and noticed that when they announced Curtis Axel the ring announcer spoke with an accent when he said "Minnesota". It was in a stereotypical "Minnesota accent". Was this an attempt at humor, an inside joke, or just random?

It was probably something Justin Roberts did of his own accord for himself, likely because he thought it was funny or cool as an extra for those who were paying attention.

Why does Georgia Championship Wrestling seemingly get ignored in wrestling history? Every Freebirds article claims they rose to stardom in WCCW. Its revisionist history. They became national TV stars on WTBS first. That's how the Texas fans already knew them and immediately cheered them. Is GCW largely forgotten because the video library has mostly disappeared?

I think it's because of the misconception that Georgia Championship Wrestling became Crockett Promotions and then WCW. Since they were all on TBS, there's often an incorrect assumption that is made about that. I also think it's partially because there's no library that is owned by WWE and when they do their historical retrospectives, it doesn't make much sense to discuss something they don't have the rights to.

I know this is going to sound weird, but how come none of the great job guys of yesterday are ever in video games? I'd love to have Barry Horowitz, LA Gore, Jim Powers, etc.

LA GORE! Now that is a random reference. I think it's simply because they only have so many characters they can include in a game and WWE and the game producers probably feel it's worth more to load it with "name" characters, although if they thought there was a market for it, they could make some downloadable characters. You can always use the create a wrestler feature as well.

What was the strangest place you attended a pro wrestling show?

Probably the late Pete McKay's Lower East Side Wrestling School, which was, in the basement of a housing project in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. How it came to be there, I don't know, but it was a pretty rough neighborhood and legally, I don't know that the school (or even the shows) should have existed, but it was a fun experience.

I've seen shows in lots of weird places - converted supermarkets, truck rest stops, etc. If there's a ring, the people will come...maybe not a lot of people, but people will come!

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