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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-12 09:48:09
WWE will tape the few four episodes of NXT tonight at Full Sail University. Fandango and Rob Van Dam have been announced for the taping. If anyone is attending, we are seeking live reports.

Speaking of NXT, this week's episode is now online at this link.

WWE were informed that Jim Ross "retired" via text messages yesterday.

The next big WWE DVD release will be "Triple H - Thy Kingdom Come" which will feature a documentary and matches from HHH's career. It will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on 9/24.

WWE has posted an article listing the 15 Greatest PPVs ever. As it turns out, I was at five of them as well as two of their "honorable mentions." I thought they actually put together a pretty credible list, which you can check out at this link. I agree 100% with their pick for number one, by the way.

The 12/30 WWE return to Toronto will go on sale today.

Vickie Guerrero has launched an official website at featured a review of Dwayne Johnson's direct to DVD film "Empire State" at this link.

Matt Hoover sent the following....In the 13th Interview, Matt ‘Hitman’ Hoover and Anthony ‘Professor’ Pires are privileged to be joined by Tony Lewis of fame! Tony graciously joined us for a great interview discussing all things ECW. Tony goes into great detail how the website StrictlyECW came to exist, and the conflict it faced with rival sites! Tony also discusses why he called for a boycott of RF Video! Tony discusses how he discovered ECW, his favorite moments, why the company closed and more! Tony also talks about his work getting ECW back on television in the New York City market, Helping get ECW back on PPV, Trying to get ECW on Showtime, the live experience of ECW and so much more! If you’re a fan of the original ECW, listen to this interview from ECW’s most loyal fan! Tony had the pleasure of catching John Cena’s shirt at the ECW One Night Stand 2 and then wiping his ass with it, listen to find out how that experience came about! Tony talks about the brotherhood he developed with some of ECW’s most loyal fans! The interview went well over 2 hours so words just cannot describe this master piece check it! To listen to the interview, click here.

Thomas Rude sent the following videos:

9/9 WWE RAW "Backstage Fallout"

Night of Champioins All-Access Pass

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