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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-13 08:30:00

Smackdown opens with a Big Show promo where he is formed to apologize to the fans for "letting them down" on Monday as he didn't do the right thing (i.e. follow HHH's orders)  Triple H comes out and reminds everyone Show is broke, then suspends him without pay for a night.  The Shield then attacks and lays out Show with the Triple Powerbomb.

They have a rematch of the six Diva tag from Raw.  I didn't see the ending.

 R-Truth vs. Fandango in a dance-off.  Miz (dressed in a ridiculous afro) and Great Khali join in.  Miz wins.  Fandango is disgusted but is tossed out of the rin.

The Divas come back out and they had a brawl.  Someone in front of me said it was pretty much the ending of their tag so it appears there was a DQ when AJ interfered and then the babyfaces laid her out.

They do a segment where Ryback bullies a skinny man for saying he wanted to get in the ring with Ryback.  Ryback said his dream is to bully people like him/

 Vickie Guerrero announces that Ricardo will not be at Night of Champions because she feels for his safety, but then announces he will wrestle Alberto Del Rio tonight.

 Santino Marella beat Damien Sandow with the Cobra.  A nothing match.

Michael Cole interfered Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman.  Axel says that he won't let Heyman down because Punk has to go through him and Punk can't beat him.  Heyman claimed he was a peace loving man and asked the audience to boycott the handicap matc.  He said that if we order the PPV, we will let CM Punk get his hands on Paul Heyman and that will be the end of him.  He says he will always love Punk and tonight will be the last time you see Paul Heyman because once Punk gets him, it's over.

World champ Alberto Del Rio easily pins Ricardo, then locks on the armbar.  RVD makes the save and runs him off.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose ended in a DQ when the Shield hit the ring.  The Usos evened up the sides.  Vickie turned it into a six man which the Shield won.  Best match of the night by far.

Edge hosted The Cutting Edge.  He sent a message to Christian to get the Shield for what they did to him when he comes back.  Randy Orton comes out so I guess the idea is that this time, Edge has to interview who HHH wants.  Orton tells Edge he's upset that Orton is a 10 time champion while he's relegated to being just a talk show host.  Edge points out he is an 11 time champion.  Daniel Bryan came out and said he doesn't want to be the face of the WWE, but he's going to be WWE champion and will beat Orton at the PPV.  Orton nails Bryan but Bryan makes a comeback and locks him in the Yes Lock.  Orton taps as they go off the air.

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