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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-09 18:07:02
WWE featured an interview with Dustin Rhodes talking about his match with Randy Orton tonight on Raw at this link.

For those who asked, Cody Rhodes and his fiance Brandi Reed will be getting married on 9/26. We normally wouldn't make a note of this, but WWE made the wedding part of the storyline,.

In an interesting announcement today, NBC Universal announced that when the Esquire Network launches, it will actually replace their Style network, as opposed to the originally announced G-4. WWE had at one point, actually looked into acquiring G-4 to turn into the WWE Network during a time period where their strategy was to potentially purchase a network that was underperforming.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Chris McCumbel has been named the new President of the USA Network, answering to long-time WWE ally Bonnie Hammer. He was part of the braintrust that ordered the most recent version of Tough Enough and a third hour of Monday Night Raw. He and Jeff Watchel had been the co-Presidents of the Network but Watchel has been moved up the chain of command to the newly created position of President and Chief Content Officer at NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment.

Another factor in the cancellation of the WWE tour of Spain is that the network that was airing the programming has shut down, cutting them off from promotion of the tour.

WWE has released a new Edge shirt in conjunction with his appearance on Raw tonight. They are also selling an official Bray Wyatt fedora.

WWE will tape Smackdown on 11/5 in Charlotte. NC. Tickets will go on sale 9/13.

Orlando, FL will host Raw on 10/28. Tickets will go on sale on 9/14.

Wal-Mart is now selling older WWE DVD titles packaged with a WWE Rumbler action figure.

Mainline Media News featured a piece on a Chris Nowinski talk about the dangers and effects of concussions in sports.

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