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By Dave Scherer on 2013-09-11 09:59:00

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Is it just me or is WWE trying to convince themselves that Randy Orton is the new face of WWE? I think (sadly) John Cena will continue to be the face of WWE until he is retired even in injury he's the face, thoughts

I think they are convinced that HHH is the "new" face of WWE while Cena is out. Hopefully they will prove me wrong by putting Daniel Bryan over properly and give him a chance to see what he can do at the top of the card.

I love CM Punk but has he been booked too strong recently? I mean Brock could only take him down when he was not 100% or distracted by Paul Heyman, which I didn't mind, but then with only one leg Punk was able to practically kill Curtis Axel in a fist fight. And then the only way Axel was able to take Punk down was help from Paul Heyman, a pair of handcuffs, a chair and a kendo stick. I like Punk strong but it's feels like Axel isn't even close to Punks league.

They are using him in a good angle with Heyman. They hope to get Axel over in the process. I think he has been doing a great job in his current role. Wins and losses are only part of the story.

I think I understand now. The locker room is not full of egotistical, confident, fearless up to any challenge, and talented professional wrestlers. Instead it's full of wimpy crybabies who bawl their eyes out in the ring because they can't stand up to an authority figure and his wife, or just stand around helpless with sad faces with the backbone of a squid. Not to mention many of the crybabies or sad faces beat HHH in the ring on many occasions. You'd think they'd band together and do something, of course they might in weeks to come. But right now with the exception of Daniel Bryan, everyone is a weak lily livered, coward or a lackey taking orders from "the man" or both afraid to move a muscle in defiance. Isn't the WWE destroying the reputations of its characters?

So far, yes it is. I hope they can turn it around but so far it hasn't been a good story in my opinion.

While it looks like we are going into "Corporate Ministry 2.0", what does this mean for Dean Ambrose? It seemed like they were separating The Shield, focusing on Ambrose as the solo star with work rate and promo skills. Are they in a pack until Survivor Series? Can Ambrose shine again?

Sure he can. He was on his way to doing that before creative derailed the push. He can easily be pushed hard again. There is a lot there to push.

Ok I know this may have been a story line before I ask this but, why in the world would WWE fire Cody Rhodes?

So he could go on his honeymoon and come back later and get revenge!

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