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By Dave Scherer on 2013-09-09 09:59:00

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Why do I have this horrible feeling that Daniel Bryan is going to completely buried by the HHH-Bore-ton regime with Bryan never getting his well deserved & earned opportunity to shine as the top guy? My other sickening and feeling of disgust is that this is being done as a way to build up to John Cena's return to save WWE am I thinking to far ahead or does this scenario seem quite possible to come to life?

Because you have a memory and remember what happened a few years ago when HHH did the same thing to CM Punk after he beat John Cena during the Summer Of Punk? Seriously, I have the same fear that you do. I hope HHH realizes that in order for Bryan to get over that HHH will have to sell for him. That is something I am worried H will not do. If he doesn't, Bryan will never get over the way that he should.

In last Q&A with Dave, one fan said that current WWE product is "uncomfortable to view, and almost unwatchable" for a wrestling fan of 35 years. Why some people really hate those bulling storylines, when we all know that it's just for entertainment & a Superhero would end this storyline? I'm not a fan for 35 years, but I'm a fan from a decade, and I really like Bryan/HHH angle & CM Punk storyline where he just wants to beat his former "best friend." One more thing, why you don't use an online form for Q&A, cuz I think it'd be more easy. Anyways' BEST SITE IN THE WORLD.

Thanks for the kind words. I agree with you on the "bullying" aspect. Heinous attacks have been a part of the business for decades. When they are done with the ultimate goal being that the good guy gets retribution in the end, that is the essence of pro wrestling.

As adults we do, but we do keep in mind that the #BAStar program is aimed at teaching children and teenagers that it is not acceptable to be a bully, and that there are negative consequences in society for doing so. So, what does it say to a child who has Sheamus come into their school and talk about how horrible it was for him to be bullied, and then to turn on Raw later that night and watch him steal Alberto Del Rio's car and trash it when Del Rio did nothing to him? What does it say to a child when Big Show talks to them about size not being an excuse to bully younger children, and then watch him indiscriminately pick out some WWE staffer and throw them into walls? What credibility does Triple H have when he talks to youngsters about doing what is right, but on TV he can tell three guys to beat the crap out of a smaller guy because he chooses to speak up? I can tell you what message it sends: a) adults are liars, b) it doesn't matter what society says, if you're bigger or have more power than other people, you can do what you want and nobody will face punishment for it, or if they do it will be a long-delayed justice that has little meaning. Even if it's just acting, it still sends a message. WWE's message is effectively, "do as I say, not as I do." Nobody respects that

I think what it teaches me is that any child that thinks that way has a parent that is not doing his/her job. It is incumbent on the parent to tell the child that what they are watching is a show, like the other things that they watch on TV. It is the parent's job to differentiate between the characters on TV and the people at the Be A Star rallies talking as non-characters. Parents need to raise their children and teach them. It's not WWE's job. I mean seriously, parents step up.

With Curtis Axel teaming with Heyman at NOC against Punk and also the fact he is the IC Champion, and the whole concept of the show is that every championship is defended, is there a chance that Axel pulls double duty that night in which he defends the title teams with Heyman??

That is a good question. I have not heard of that but we should find out tonight. Honestly, I don't think of the US or IC belts as real titles and to me, it makes more sense for Axel to be in a storyline with Punk, who is a top guy, than to have a generic defense.

Do you think that the spot the Big Show has in the current Daniel Bryan story should of gone to a younger wrestler and maybe Kofi Kingston replace The Miz in this story line too?

The issue is that Show is huge and could "help stop the bullying". It takes an established guy to be in that role, and it helps if he is a monster. A younger guy wouldn't carry the same status. As for the other storyline, Miz deserves it IMO.

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