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By Dave Scherer on 2013-09-08 15:04:03

As some of you noticed, we were down for about 24 hours starting early yesterday afternoon. In a nutshell, the hard drive on our server died after years of dependable service.

We had our host put a new server together for us and Dan Israel got up early this morning to get us back online. I can't thank Dan enough for that.

On a side note if you need any site work done, Dan is your man. Send me an email if you are looking for work and I will pass it along.

Currently there are a few issues with the site that will get fixed but other than them, we are back up and running.

Honestly, it is amazing that we were only down a day, and that's thanks to the folks at our web host and Dan getting everything back online. Once again, I thank them both for their efforts.

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