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By Mike Johnson & Jack Williams on 2013-09-08 14:17:48
WWE continued a current NXT storyline on the main roster last night. NXT champ Bo Dallas and Sami Zayn defeated Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro at IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ.

Jack Williams filed the following results:

Very small crowd, maybe 8-9,000.

*Dean Ambrose pinned RVD to retain the U.S. title.

*Sami Zayn & NXT champion Bo Dallas defeated The Real American when Dallas pinned Cesaro.

*Vickie Guerrero announces that Big Show has to sit ringside during the main event and not interfere.

*Nataya defeated Brie Bella. It started as a dance off but Bella attacked Nattie, setting off a match.

*Paul Heyman ripped on New Jersey.

*WWE Tag champs The Shield defeated The Usos. Good.

*Tyson Kidd pinned Drew McIntyre.

*CM Punk defeated Intercontinental champ Curtis Axel in a short match. Paul Heyman announced he would not defend the title. Heyman interfered but was nailed with the Singapore Cane and then Axel ate a GTS. Short but intense.

*Daniel Bryan, who received the biggest reaction all night, defeated WWE champ Randy Orton by DQ when the Shield interfered. Brad Maddox was at ringside making sure Big Show didn't interfere, but finally he saved Bryan to a big pop.

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