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By Dave Scherer on 2013-09-08 09:59:00

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Do you think Dixie Carter's biggest mistake was not signing Paul Heyman when she had the chance? I truly believe with him and NOT Hogan and Bischoff they would be financially better off and the show would be far better. Your thoughts?

I agree with you that Hogan and Bischoff have not justified the expense of their contracts. TNA has paid them very well and I have seen no incremental growth that offsets the financial outlay from the company. I would take Heyman alone over those two any day. His creative mind is vastly superior to Bischoff and Hogan's. Jim Ross would have also been a far better hire than those two. But Heyman and Ross wanted enough power to, in essence, overrule Dixie and that wasn't going to happen.

I'm a huge Ric Flair fan and have been for over 20 years. I think I have a valid argument for him in regards to a title he should rightfully be given. When Flair left WCW / NWA he was the world champion. No one beat him. He took the belt and left. He then won the WWF title by winning the royal rumble. That should make Flair the first undisputed champion. So why does Jericho get that title as the first?

If wrestling was not a worked business, you would have a good point. But, it is a worked business.

I don't know if this has been asked yet but I noticed on "Total Divas" that during a segment Sheamus was walking down the hall toward the cameras and they blurred him out. Since WWE is part producer wouldn't all WWE superstars be cleared to be on "Total Divas" without a signed Performer Release and Consent Form?

I just can't stomach watching the show but there are only two reasons he would be blurred out. One would be that WWE didn't want him seen in the shot. The other would be that they didn't have legal clearance to air his likeness. The latter is possible as while the WWE is involved, it is not purely a WWE product.

I've been a fan of WWF/WWE for over twenty years. Can you explain to me the appeal of The Wyatt Family? Bray Wyatt talks like a dark Ultimate Warrior...meaning you cant understand one damn word he says. He is a decent wrestler like a fat, whiter version of Papa Shango. Rowan & Harper suck as a tag team & cannot work, there matches against Tons of Funk have been horrible. I thought when they debuted to attack Kane was horrible. Why are people thinking they are the next big thing? If they surrounded Wyatt with two big men who could work that might help but right now, I just don't see any value in them.

Honestly, if I have to explain what makes them cool to me, it probably won't translate to you as it's a matter of taste. Personally, I like that they are dark and edgy. Papa Shango was a comedy character, so far the Wyatts are anything but.

When I see indy events, I usually see the same good wrestlers, like Gargano, Taylor, Nese, AR Fox, Utha Nation, Cole, Steen, Brian Cage, Willie Mack, The Bucks... They are really good wrestlers and the DGUSA, CHIKARA, PWG and EVOLVE events have good reviews. However, When I see NWA event, I only see unkown wrestlers, like Kahagas (?) and the World Champion is Conway, a formr WWE wrestler without interest. Should does NWA hire famous indy wrestlers or former WWE Stars like Benjamin or Morrison to improve the NWA Events? Why doesn’t NWA hire them yet?

The NWA is really just a name at this point. There is no money or TV behind them. They are not a "company". They are basically affiliates.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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