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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-05 11:38:19
Stevie Richards was at Diamond Dallas Page's home in Atlanta this week, getting certification to become a DDPYoga trainer. He'll be doing classes in different markets.

Online now in the Elite section is a 60 minute discussion with Short Sleeve Sampson, who is about to undertake a 40 match retirement tour. Over the course of the hour, we discuss the retirement tour, why he's decided it's time to move on, what he'll be doing next, breaking into the business, being booked to appear on Monday Night Raw before he had ever officially trained, choosing to be trained no different from other talents despite his size, being versatile enough to work with anyone, the short-lived WWE Juniors Division on Smackdown, working the first match of the division, being offered a three year deal, having it rescinded, overcoming that bad luck, playing Mini-Undertaker and tons of other roles on WWE TV, appearing on Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling, what was the real deal on the show, midget wrestling groups that are fly by night, being in the ring with talents who don't know what they are doing, the worst injury he ever received, his wife's reaction, the AWE Night of Legends PPV, the TNA X-Division Invitational tournament, and much more! A really fun interview you can check out, along with everything else in the Elite section, by clicking here.

Next week's episode of Top Chef on The Bravo Network will have a Lucha Libre theme, including appearances from Lucha Va Voom personalities. Thanks to our own Richard Trionfo for passing that on.

WWE Hall of Famer Mike Tyson was on Conan on TBS last night.

Another WWE celebrity Hall of Famer, Pete Rose, is back in the news as he's dealing with yet another tax lien from the IRS. That made a few days back.

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