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By Dave Scherer on 2013-09-04 09:59:00

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I feel the Bryan-Triple H-Orton angle won’t work as well as other ones of the same genre (Austin, for example) and for one main reason: I don’t ever see Triple H letting Bryan get the better of him. Back in the days of Austin-McMahon, it was all a game of one-upmanship, and Stone Cold managed to get some awesome shots at Vince. But, we all know that Triple H don’t sell for nobody, except if you look like Taker or Brock Lesnar. It’s just frustrating to watch because you kind of know that Bryan will never get his true payback on Triple H and Steph. He might get the belt, but it’s impact will be diminished in my opinion. If you look at the angle with Punk, you know that, down the line, Paul Heyman will get his ass handed to him and it will be great. Triple H will just briefly fail in his screwing of Daniel Bryan, which will give The Bearded Little Man the belt for a while. Your thoughts?

As I type this on Labor Day, that is my fear as well. We talked about it on audio last week. Vince McMahon SOLD for Steve Austin. Vince was fine with playing the role of the jackass. Triple H has not done that and if he doesn't sell for Bryan, this will never get over.

Why was the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship so poorly booked during its time in the promotion? It seemed like they were deadset on competing with WCW's Cruiserweight division in late 1997 when Taka Michinoku won it originally, but when Gillberg won it a year later, it pretty much fell off the face of the Earth. Only 11 people held the belt in its four years of existence. Did WWF just lose confidence in the Light Heavyweight division?

They never really had confidence in it. As Vince McMahon has said many times, he likes pushing bigger guys. That is a shoot.

Is the word "wrestler" really that taboo to mention in WWE? Is there some kind of moratorium against referring to professional wrestling instead of "sports-entertainment"? Whenever someone like Daniel Bryan or CM Punk says that word on-air, it feels like they're deliberately breaking some unspoken rule. Is WWE that desirous to back away from their roots in an effort to become more of a straight-out entertainment company? I know pro wrestling IS entertainment, but companies like TNA, ROH, and even ECW and WCW were never shy to admit that they were, first and foremost, professional wrestling companies

Vince McMahon and WWE are big on branding. They use their buzz words and market them. And yes, they do have the guys use those words to seem like they are shooting.

Am I the only one angry that they replaced the Women's Title with the Diva's Title? They had a normal looking, distinguished title with decades of history/lineage and they replaced it with that big obnoxious pink thing that only serves to de-legitimize the women's division. Thoughts?

You are probably not the only one but honestly, it doesn't really matter to me as long as the lineage stays in tact.

Any updates on the whole Chikara situation?

Nope, none. At least someone still cares enough to wonder. Hopefully they will reward you for that.

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