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By Dave Scherer on 2013-09-03 09:59:00

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Just read a comment that if AJ Styles ever went to WWE they should rename him and repackage him. JMO, that would be a huge mistake. He has gotten a major rub from being associated with guys like Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, Sting. He should be going in there with WWE playing up his accomplishments. Not diminishing them. It would be a real shame if AJ Styles went to WWE and they renamed him and pushed him to the bottom of the ladder. He deserves a Chris Jericho type intro into WWE.

The bottom line is that Vince McMahon likes branding his guys with names that he gives them. That way, he holds the rights to the name. Jericho came along in a different time, when WCW was the WWF's equal and had great exposure. WWE doesn't view TNA that way.

How much does Tensai wish he was back in Japan?

I doubt it. He left Japan to come to WWE knowing full well what the situation would be. He is making good money and not taxing his body much. To an older veteran, that is often the perfect arrangement.

I saw at Wikipedia an article about Dave Meltzer 5 star matches. I saw a lot of 5 star matches in the 90’s, specially from NJPW and AJPW. Today, a 5 Star match is very strange. What happened?

There are still "five star" matches today, obviously. Ratings are subjective and what Dave likes best happened back then I guess. But again, one man's five star match is not another's.

Do you think WWE is doing the Total Divas! women any favor by letting AJ speak out what most wrestling fans feel anyway? My problem is not with her words. those were spot on in many ways and once again proved how strong she is on the microphone. I assume this is gonna end in some kind of match in the future, probably against Nattie Neidhart, who is far and away the best wrestler of the Total Divas cast but is this a good idea storyline-wise? AJ got quite the strong pop for her words and she usually gets this on ppvs anyway so it is more than likely that the fans might actually boo the babyface Natalya there. Is this the direction WWE should go in, ignoring both women's position for a quick bit of publicity for their reality show?

I actually like that WWE is addressing the fact some people don't like the show. I see it the same way as them accepting that some people will boo John Cena. Works for me.

I just don’t get it. The WWE is supposed to be pushing the anti-bullying campaign, so during the first week of school in most places, they run storylines that include:

- CM Punk handcuffed and abused while defenseless
- Daniel Bryan being beaten down repeatedly while no one else helps because they are afraid of repercussions
- Ryback continually picking on weaker people and shoving non-wrestling personnel to the ground

They have made the recent product uncomfortable to view, and almost unwatchable. I’m a vet, having been a wrestling fan for probably 35 years. I can’t remember a time when I disliked what was going on as much as I did this week’s RAW.

I am really surprised when I get emails like this. Stephanie McMahon actually addressed it on Twitter. RAW is a TV show, with storylines. It's not "reality". WWE the company deals with real issued. It is weird to see the Be A Star stuff on shows where bullying is being done, no doubt. But we do have to separate the show from the company.

And you have been watching for 35 years and never seen this kind of stuff before? What kind of wrestling where youw atching anyway?

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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