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By Dave Scherer on 2013-09-02 09:59:00

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How far in advance are talents told they will drop a belt to another superstar? Months before? Week? Or the same day? Also how often does WWE give superstars free reign on matches to decide the outcome in the ring?

They are told when creative wants them to know. There is no set pattern. Generally, the guys in the WWE Title picture get the most notice since their are the top guys and they get shown the most respect.

When Daniel Bryan was left in the ring to be attacked by the hounds of justice, and the rest of the wrestlers were just standing by at the top of the ramp. Do you think it ever crossed D Brys mind that maybe he should start an oh I don't know Main Event Mafia? Just sayin...

Since he knows he will only start what Vince McMahon says he can start, my guess is that it never did.

I feel the WWE was making a superstar out of Ryback. I mean lets face it, the company has not created a superstar since John Cena. Ryback has been ruined because of all the jobbing he has done to CM Punk and John Cena. Do you think Ryback's career can be salvaged and he can become a legitimate main eventer?

He can definitely be salvaged. It all comes down to how he is booked. Daniel Bryan was used pretty poorly himself over the last few years and he got turned around. Well, I hope he did anyway. The bottom like is that if creative gets behind a guy, he can flourish. But, they have to give him the chance.

With Hulk Hogan's comments recently in Toronto about how TNA should give Eric Bischoff 'the keys to the car'. Can I ask, if you had a company, and you allowed someone to build up a relationship with the network you air on, produce the look and final edit of your only TV show, and make them head of creative, practically letting them decide what goes on TV and PPV's, what other car could Easy E be given keys too? Seems like he's driving the main one already?

If you could tell me we will both know. Hogan has made some really ridiculous statements over the years but that one probably takes the cake. In addition to what you said, Hogan and Bischoff also pushed for TNA to go live against Raw. That failed. They pushed for TNA to spend more money on Impact by going on the road every week. That hasn't been the boon they said it would be. I am with you. Bischoff has already been given the keys and frankly he could use some driving school based off of what has happened thus far.

Has there ever been a time that Vince/Steph/HHH have decided to skip a RAW to go watch another sporting event like Dixie Carter did last week?

Stephanie doesn't always go to TV, but that is because she has three children to take care. I don't recall any time that the three of them chose a sporting event over being at their TV.

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