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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-06 10:00:00
First - an update from yesterday's Q&A: Matt Abelson sent the following - Just a little more info on the Hart/Flair issue from today's Q&A. This happened when Hart made the jump to WCW and instead of them going with the Hogan/Hart program, they went with Hart/Flair with the catchprases being the selling point for their PPV match. It was following night on Nitro that the statements were made about being be who is best.

Thanks Matt!

I just saw a headline on your site that Dixie Carter was not at the Cleveland Impact taping last night. WHAT??!!?? How in the hell is that company suppose to function if it's own boss can't be there? People can say whatever they want about Vince McMahon, but to me, there's not a person smarter with a work ethic as him. I don't remember the last time he missed a RAW or Smackdown taping. And if anybody CAN miss a taping, it's Vince himself but he DOESN'T. My god this woman doesn't know what the hell she's doing.

Vince McMahon has missed a number of TV Tapings and even PPVs in the past, dating back to the early 1990s.  Part of being the boss is having others run your company while you do whatever you want to do.  That's what happens when it's your money.  I personally don't see an issue with it, unless your outside distractions begin to have a negative effect on your ability to run the company. If Carter had plans weeks or months in advance to attend a football game, I don't have an issue with it.   If she stops showing up at tapings for a few months, well, that's an issue.

Now, you could say that it's obvious TNA is going through a rough stretch right now financially and the President not being there doesn't really inspire morale in the company and I could see your point, but I didn't hear anyone speak negatively about the fact she wasn't there.

What is the WWE thinking going back to their days of gimmicks... A wrestling ballroom dancer, funkasauras and now Matadors... Again, will we see a version of TL Hopper or Duke the Dumpster 2.0 next?

Hey, you never know. We have a Rick "The Model" Martel-esque personality in Tyler Breeze and a whacked out hippie in CJ Parker down in WWE developmental! I think it's WWE wanting to present themselves as a variety show - some characters will be deadly serious, while others will have the role where they are goofy, comedy bits. Sometimes, those characters even take off - look at Nick Dinsmore as Eugene. For a time, he was the hottest character in WWE.

When a wrestler is planted in the crowd (i.e. for a surprise run-in or a "pays for their own ticket to get in the arena" angle), is there a policy regarding interactions with real audience members, or are they generally allowed to talk to fans before their cue to get involved? I have to imagine that in some cases, a company wouldn't want the wrestler to blow their cover or break kayfabe depending on the angle's tone and importance.

If they are planted to be a fan, then they act like a fan, and that would include talking to people around them. If they are a wrestler planted to hit the ring, chances are they are placed there just before their cue to prevent giving away what's about to happen to the live crowd.

Hi do you know what is the match lineup for the Sept 7 WWE house show in Windsor,Ont? Where can I look to find lineups? Thank you

WWE doesn't really release complete lineups in advance all that much, but my advice would be to keep checking the website of the Arena.  You can find out what talents are scheduled for a specific show in the Events section of WWE's website, but as we get closer to specific dates, talents can be pulled, suspended, injured, shifted to other tours, etc.

Any insight as to why there seems to be such a large crossover between pro wrestling fandom and comic book fandom (besides the obvious similar good guy-bad guy dynamics)?

The worlds are quite similar - larger than life characters in colorful outlets battling it out while giving the audience an emotional release. There's also a lot of crossover in film fans and sporting fans with wrestling as well. because wrestling is one of the few genres that can touch upon all what makes those genres great and absorb it into its own world. 

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