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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-05 10:00:00
So was AJ's promo a shoot from his heart? I would love to see "Phenomenal" vs "Best In The World". Personally I think that would be a ratings booster. What do you think?

I was told that Styles had a lot of input into the promo and I think a lot of it came from a point of frustration that he has with seeing things not clicking around him when he's been there for so long and wants to see TNA succeed. At the end of the day though, while parts of it were from the heart, it was storyline. Styles vs. CM Punk would be an excellent match on paper but I don't think it would mean big ratings for WWE just because Styles is there. I suspect WWE would want to put their own tweak and introduction on Styles if they ever signed him, just as they did with Kharma.

I am re-reading the Bret Hart biography and watching the DVD. I seem to remember where he and Ric Flair went at it about his catchphrase "The Best there is, the Best there was and he Best there ever will be." Ric Flair countered, "To be the Man you have to beat the Man". They went on to have at least one match and Ric was beaten. He later came out and told Bret basically I've got to hand it to you, you beat me fair and square, you are the man. Bret replied, "I may have won but you are still the man Ric" Am I remembering this wrong? It was such a class move/segment but not mentioned at all in the video or book. Seems like it would have been a bigger deal?

I honestly don't remember this at all, and given that Hart kept very detailed audio notes on his life, I sincerely doubt something like that would be forgotten about...and as you've seen with the book, it's massive and really, really in-depth. It's possible there may have been a similar angle between one of the two and you are mid-remembering it, but I don't recall it at all.

Bret Hart mentioned in his book that Pedro Morales warned him that Vince McMahon learned from his dad and that he (Pedro) was only given an hour's notice before dropping the belt. Do you have any further details on this story? Do you think Pedro will make it into the HOF?

It's entirely possible that Morales was told with very little warning that he was going to drop the belt, but at the time WWWF was planned out very far in advance, almost literally to the day when major title changes were going to happen. The company may have known, but that doesn't mean Morales knew. As far as Pedro in the WWE Hall of Fame, he was inducted in 1995 and more than deserved his spot there.

I was told Lou Albano had an autobiography out, but I can't seem to find any record of it. Was it something WWE released?

No, Albano released a book in 2008 titled "Often Imitated, Never Duplicated." It had a small print run from GEAN Publishing and featured Cyndi Lauper writing a foreword. Phillip Varialle, who co-wrote Gary Hart's book as well, worked on the book with Albano. Albano did do some signing appearances in the Northeast to support the book so signed copies are floating around out there.

Every now and then I see reference to a female wrestler named Mad Maxine in WWF. However, I've never seen any material featuring her. Is she just some Internet myth.

No, not at all. Maxine was a Moolah trainee who appeared briefly in the early days of the WWF's national expansion and was primed to be a top villain against Wendi Richter, but quickly left the business instead. One version of the story is that she had a falling out with Moolah, who controlled the booking of women at the time and left. The other story is that she had gotten into the business as part of a college dissertation project and quickly decided it wasn't for her. I've heard within the last year that she is working on a book about her experiences in the business, so you may get to know everything you ever wanted. I seem to recall she appeared on some of the early WWF Coliseum Videos, so you might want to check those out, but no, she wasn't a myth.

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