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By John C. on 2013-09-01 03:18:00
PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2013 - Night Two


*Drake Younger defeated Brian Cage. Great opening match.

*Johnny Gargano defeated Kevin Steen after he reversed an attempted Package Piledriver into the Gargano Escape and forced a tapout. Crowd was extremely hot for this and it was the match of the weekend thus far. William Regal was watching the match from the curtain in the aisle.

*Michael Elgin defeated Roderick Strong via submission.

*Kyle O'Reilly defeated ACH via armbar submission. Match of the night - even better than Gargano vs. Steen. Awesome stuff.

*Joey Ryan & Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta defeated Willie Mack & B-Boy & Tomasso Ciampa. Great match with good balance of spots and comedy.


*Michael Elgin defeated Johnny Gargano with a top rope powerbomb. This is just an awesome show.

*Kyle O'Reilly defeated Drake Younger when Younger passed out in a guillotine choke.

*Adam Cole & The Young Bucks defeated AR Fox & Rich Swann & Candice LaRae. Another fun match.

BOLA Final:

*Kyle O Reilly defeated Michael Elgin with a triangle choke to win the tournament. After the bout, The Young Bucks, Adam Cole and Kevin Steen formed a new heel group. Steen laid out Joey Ryan, Candice LaRae & Rick Knox with package piledrivers.

An awesome weekend of wrestling.

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