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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-31 10:00:00

Try though I may, I find it impossible to keep track of the Bound for Glory tournament in TNA. A three month tournament based on a hard-to-follow points system? Do any fans care about this? It reminds of the AWA's team challenge series. And that's not a good thing. Wouldn't it be much better to do a double elimination tournament? You can have an underdog emerge from the losers bracket and make a feel-good, dramatic run at winning it. Doesn't that make a lot more sense?

I think even doing the double elimination tournament is a silly idea that fans wouldn't emotionally invest in. For whatever reason, tournaments never do well in terms of building long-term drama with American wrestling fans.  So, TNA is behind the eight-ball right there.  Then, for the fans who do care, they have to deal with things not always making sense (although in recent years, it's been better) but even this year, the rules and set-up changed mid-stream.  I also think that fans are asked to emotionally invest in a tournament they can't completely follow "live as its happening" since so much of it takes place on house shows and such and the average person watching on TV just wants to watch the story unfold.  I see why they do it on live events - It's a good idea on paper as a house show attraction.  Overall, the idea is a nice one on paper, but never has really worked with the majority of the audience and I don't think it's going to change anytime soon.  I'd much rather see a storyline where the number one guy is going to face the champ because he's earned it or there's a personal issue, but that's just me.

It looks like ROH continually looks for new talent. Who are two wrestlers you think ROH should sign? My picks are Tony Nese and Papadon.

I'd love to see either of them signed with ROH, although Nese is currently signed to Dragon Gate USA, which would likely prevent him from ending up in ROH anytime soon. DGUSA was really smart to lock him in.  Papadon is one of the best unsigned guys out there right now in terms of being a fully-rounded worker in the ring and really excels at longer athletic matches, so I hope we'll finally see him get his just due very soon.  The two names that REALLY stands out to me are Jamin Olivencia and Drew Gulak, who I think will really grab a lot of people's attention in the next year.

During the two out of three falls Knockout title contenders match between Gail Kim and ODB they eventually went to a commercial break. After a few minutes the match returned in progress. But after just thirty seconds or perhaps even less they went to commercial break again. Why did that happen? Was there a problem?

No, it was just the way TNA set the format of their TV show in terms of taking breaks. I'm not a fan of taking breaks as the match begins either and the 10 second "we are back and gone again" deal is one that completely befuddles me. I don't see it as something that piques viewers' interest at all.

When WCW was sold to WWE, where did the physical assets go - the rings, the sets, etc.?

All the physical assets were purchased by WWE. I know some of the rings were given to developmental territories at the time and others were sold off. Some of the set dressings, banners, etc. are still owned by WWE and kept in their warehouse of props. Other material that the company didn't want they scrapped or sold off.

With WWE Classics, we see a lot of old AWA, ECW, WCW, NWA, etc. material but one thing that has never shown up are the ECW DVDs from Pioneer Home Video. I am very curious as to why they are never used, since they are already edited, cleaned up for DVD, etc.?

The Pioneer Home Video material was licensed to Pioneer and they would be the owners of record. I looked into the ECW bankruptcy paperwork when you asked and there was actually a clause in the sale noting that the Pioneer Home Video DVD releases were not part of the HHG Corp. (ECW parent company) assets, so those titles remain under the ownership of Pioneer. I doubt they will ever do anything with them again since they were discontinued with the death of Pioneer's Sports division.  They actually had a few more titles being prepared when they shut down and those will never be seen ever.

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