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By Dave Scherer on 2013-09-01 09:59:00

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With the insane rise of popularity of Daniel Bryan, a DVD/documentary is inevitably going to happen. My question is to whether or not WWE would seek out independent and ROH footage of his last like they did with CM Punk? Both him and Punk are the poster children for "indie guys" making it big and Bryan's history and notoriety from his past promotions is just as, if not more important to his character and legacy than Punk's. Using said footage seems like a no-brainer but again, WWE hasn't always used such simple logic.

If they want to tell the whole story, they should get some of that footage. I could see it happening. WWE has shown it will work with smaller companies in the past. They even worked with TNA to get Ric Flair at The Hall Of Fame.

I just read your news item regarding Eric Bischoff’s Twitter rant where he talks about Hulk Hogan’s involvement with the new WWE videogame. Is Bischoff really that stupid or does he think we are? Every statement he made can very easily be proven wrong as you all were able to do with very little effort. He either has no respect for the fans at all or he is totally clueless. Which is it?

Where Bischoff is concerned, I have always felt that he is the guy who yells the loudest, and he does it to people who won't question what he is saying. He is also a master of getting people on the defensive so that instead of questioning him harder, they start to play defense. He is not clueless at all, there is a plan in what he does.

With the slim possibility of AJ Styles going to WWE and knowing how the WWE likes to repackage all of their talents, would we expect AJ to have to wear some sort of top? Surely they wouldn't want to promote any kind of tattoo on his torso that would give any kind of recognition to his past accomplishments especially those of TNA.

Unless they give him a name that uses his initials, they would have to cover that thing up unless........they brought him as an old, or new, lover of AJ Lee's, and the tattoo could be an integral part of the storyline. Actually, I like that idea. A lot.

I've just seen the list you've reported of the new names the developmental guys have been christened with, all I can ask is why? Who is in charge of this? Who is being paid that is likely an exorbitant amount of money to do what seems little more than sitting on a random name generator and hitting refresh? I know they like to have a name they can control in case a talent leaves but surely if you're going to give them new names your future champions deserve something a little better than 'Braun Stowman' and the like.

I don't have an answer but man, you are so right. Some of the hames they come up with are beyond dopey in my opinion.

My question has to do with the CM Punk and Brock Lesnar from SummerSlam. The match that those two had (I feel anyways) stole the show. By the end of the match my friends and I both could not believe what we just saw. Just that feeling of "WOW!" even leading into the main event a little later on was still being had. It was bar none one of the best plunder matches that's been in the WWE for the (at least) last five years or so. So my question is: Who were the agent(s) responsible for putting that match together? Or did Paul Heyman have any kind of involvement?

From what I was told it was largely Punk and Lesnar who laid it out. They went to management and told them the kind of match they had and they were given the green light. I agree, it was awesome.

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