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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-30 10:00:00

Do you think the WWE will wake up and realize that they are only hurting the self with what they are doing to Daniel Bryan? I think he should be champion right now!

WWE is doing what they think will make Bryan a stronger name down the line. They see this as just the first chapter in a longer-running storyline involving Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, HHH and Bryan's pursuit of the WWE title. To me, it is dangerously similar to the storyline with CM Punk post-Summerslam 2011 with HHH and Kevin Nash involved. That scenario ended with Punk losing a lot of his momentum, forcing him to work really hard to get back to where he was. I really hope that in the end, Daniel Bryan doesn't have to go through the same journey. The crowd loves him and he works a tremendously entertaining style in the ring. If all of this leads to him eating a Pedigree and being pinned, it was a waste of time. If it leads to Bryan eventually winning the WWE title and having a nice run with it, I am all for the storyline. I just wish they had given his fans 24 hours to really savor the first title win. Instead, they switched the belt and killed that moment of joy and any potential PPV replay buys.

What is the possibility of TNA bringing back the six sided ring again either this year or in 2014?

There's always a possibility, but when it wasn't brought back for Destination X, that was pretty much a sign to me that it's gone and buried and be left behind in TNA's past. I always liked it as a way to differentiate the company from everyone else, but the reality is that most of the wrestlers find working in a traditional ring a lot easier to do.

I suspected it would happen and wasn't surprised that it did. The Divas followed CM Punk & Co. After all that action and drama here come the Divas. I felt sorry for them having to follow all that action. I especially felt sad for Natalya Neidhart for doing the job against one of the Bellas. Next was a long and unflattering speech by current Divas champion AJ Lee which by the way went on longer than the match itself. I know its purpose was to promote the Total Divas show but was there another plan in mind? What do you think?

The entire scenario was filmed for potential inclusion in a future episode of Total Divas, so that was the plan in mind. I do want to point out that you have often written us with questions complaining about the lack of Divas on WWE TV countless times, so now, how can you complain when there are nine or ten women used regularly on the shows and on a much higher platform and with far more importance than they have been spotlighted with in years. I think you are looking to complain where there isn't much to complain about, to be honest. The women are being spotlighted, being given time to develop with their own series and being given storylines. That's a hell of a lot more than JTG or Ted DiBiase or Zack Ryder have gotten this year. You need to enjoy the moment, sir.

Was it supposed to be four Knockouts taking part in that Tornado tag match a few weeks ago on Impact? Scheduled to take part was to be ODB, Gail Kim, Velvet Sky and Knockout champion Mickie James. I should have sworn it was to be all four instead of three. No Velvet Sky. Was I wrong?

Sky was there that night but pulled from the show earlier in the day. We don't have confirmation on why that decision was made, but it wasn't an injury. She was in town for the event.

Back in WCW, The Freebirds had a masked guy named Fantasia with them. Who was this?

Brad Armstrong, in one of his many personas during that time period. I believe he only used that name a few times before the character was referred to as Badstreet instead.

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