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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-26 09:59:00

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Do you think if AJ Styles was to leave TNA and WWE picked him up, that they would put him in developmental? That would be degrading.. And, after all he is 36 years old which is on up there for a developmental guy.. I know they wouldn't mention him being in TNA or anything but, if he was to come to WWE do you think the crowd would even know who he is? Sadly, I just don't think they would for the most part.. I don't know what TNA is thinking by not putting their best foot forward to try and lock him up.. There are quite a few people they could release other than him, who don't mean anything to that company.. I'm not just meaning, Hogan either.. There are quite a few names..

Look at the roster of TNA names that have become available and WWE hasn't signed.  Booby Roode, Samoa Joe,  Matt Morgan, etc.  WWE only seems to go after TNA guys that were WWE stars first.  I think at this point, if they were to sign AJ they would probably send him to Florida for some basic stuff, but not to be on the NXT roster.  More to learn the WWE way of doing things.  But honest, I really wonder how much money they would offer him.  He's smaller for one thing.  He has a southern accent for another.  He would also have to drastically change his ring style to fit in WWE.  He is in a tough position right now.  It could end up that the best move is to take the pay cut from TNA, sign a one year deal and revisit it again next year.  Obviously, that is hardly appealing to him.

Do you think WWE will pick up Matt Morgan? You would think they would jump all over him.. I always thought TNA missed the boat with him.. He's huge, he's a pretty good worker (especially for his size), and I find him to be a good talker..

Here are two reasons that make me wonder if they will.  One, they had him in their system before he went to TNA and they let him go.  Two, he has been out there for a while and hasn't been signed. 

With the cost-cutting in TNA, what are the chances of the big names like Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Sting either taking a pay cut or leaving later this year?  

I have been told by numerous people that everyone in TNA's contracts are under review.  That means Hogan and Bischoff are as well.  Bischoff is basically in charge of the creative process and how Impact is presented so when I was evaluating him, I would have to think long and hard about whether I needed to bring him back.  Many people in the company have said that recently (coincidentally when the cost cutting started) he finally seemed to commit to his role.  If the storylines don't improve, I could see him being let go.  If AJ Styles, who has been Mr. TNA for a decade, can get cut, Bischoff can too.  As for Hogan, I have been saying for years that he is overpaid. I  get why they brought him in but despite what Bischoff has told people that don't challenge him on it, the two have not increased TNA viewership.  They have not increased PPV buys.  Hogan is 60 and should never wrestle again.  I could definitely see him being let go and then signing some kind of deal with WWE so he could be a part of WrestleMania 30.

When WWE talks about guys being an, "internet darling" or saying, "So-and-So paid his dues in the indies" aren't they really just referring to Ring of Honor? It seems like they only say those things about guys from Ring of Honor.. I know those guys worked other places than ROH but, the common denominator and, main place most of the guys they refer to worked was Ring of Honor..

In most cases, yes.  But there are other guys like Dean Ambrose who weren't in ROH out there as well.

Let's say your starting an wrestling promotion.. What would the name be? Where would it be? What free agent would be your top baby face? Who would be your top heel? What free agent announcers? Who would be the booker? Or, would you try and book it yourself?

If I had the hundreds of millions of dollars it would take to start a wrestling promotion, I would invest it in something that I could actually make money with.  I wouldn't start a wrestling company.

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