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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-25 09:59:00

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Better podcast.. Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling or Steve Austin's Podcast?

Why choose? I enjoy them both.  They do different things so I don't really compare them.  I say listen to both.

What do you think of Mr. Anderson as a performer? The reason I ask is because, I always thought he was going to be a big star.. But, as the years go by, it seems as if it isn't going to happen for him.. It's like somewhere down the road he, "lost his way." In WWE he was on a roll and, then seemed to lose confidence as the 'injury bug' plagued him and, I think it wasn't only the 'injury bug' but, it was WWE also not letting him show the charisma he had when he started, as he went along.. He came in TNA, and seemed to find that confidence again and, somewhere along the way got lost in the shuffle.. The guy has LOADS of charisma and, is a great talker, and is passable in the ring.. What happened?

I think that when he came up in WWE he showed a lot of potential but he plateaued and never improved from there.  He was on a great path but just stopped improving.  Why that happened, only he can tell you but it definitely happened.  He has been given a lot of chances so I don't think anyone could say he was held back. I also think he got very cliché in the way he did promos.  He quickly became something of a caricature instead of a character.  I don't see there being much interest from WWE if he can't come to terms with TNA so if he wants to stay employed, he will probably have to make concessions with TNA to do so.

Since it has pretty much been said that, "The Bellas blocked Maria from returning to WWE." Do you think it has hurt Mike Bennett's chances at getting to WWE? The guy has it all pretty much when it comes to talent and, at one time not long ago, it looked as if he was about to sign with WWE but, now it seems as if it's not happening.. I think he would be a big time star in WWE (if used correctly). Him and Tommaso Ciampa are the 2 main guys in ROH and on the indy scene that, I see the most potential in..

WWE is looking for good, young talent.  A tiff between The Bellas and Maria wouldn't keep them from going after him and putting him in developmental.  Now, if he were to make it to the main roster maybe politics become an issue, but Vince McMahon has shown for years that he puts aside personal beefs if he considers it good for business.

If you were to reform the 4 Horsemen in WWE, who would be your, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Barry Windham? I'm not saying they would be exact copies at all but, who in your eyes could be in each guys position in the group and, reminds you of each guy (in their own way)? Also, who would be your Flair, Arn, Tully and, Windham in TNA?

I wouldn't.  I hate reforming old groups.  They never live up to the original.  I don't like redoing old groups, I like creating new acts.

Why did Matt Striker get released by WWE? I thought he was a very good commentator.. His backstage announcing wasn't to good but, I don't think it's his fault because, it doesn't seem like anyone is ever real good at that role because, the questions they all have written for them by WWE and have to ask seem so forced.. But, I thought Striker was good and, seemed like a good employee.. I just listened to his podcast interview with Colt Cabana and, he seems like a really good guy..

Striker had a history of going off script at times.  But more than that, he was in WWE for many years and they just didn't see long-term potential in him.

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