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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-22 10:08:06
Over the last few weeks, there's been a lot of talk circulating around AJ Styles, who's been with TNA since day one and is one of the most celebrated talents over the course of their 11 year run. Initially we did not report the rumor but as more and more people within the company are talking about it, it's become a story we have to address.

The story making the rounds is that Styles' contract is up in September (which is just a few weeks away) and that the two sides have yet to come to a new contract. There's also allegedly been very little attempt by TNA to get a new deal done.

Obviously, this would not be the first time TNA has let a valued talent's deal expire (Samoa Joe, Devon, Bobby Roode both come to mind) before attempting to lock them up again.

However, what is insane about all this is that Styles has been the TNA poster boy since the company launched in June 2002. He was the nucleus of the original X-Division and grew into one of their best, most loyal performers, including taking part in the Styles vs. Joe vs. Chris Daniels bout that is considered the best TNA match of all time. Styles is one of a select few branded as a "TNA guy" similar to how Sting was seen as a "WCW guy" a generation ago.

The idea that TNA hasn't locked him in with about a month to go in his current deal is strange on a lot of levels - Styles' WWE counterparts would have been signed well before they were close to a deal expiring. The idea that they could put themselves into a situation where WWE could come in and swoop him up sounds ridiculous on paper, but all signs are that's the position TNA is putting themselves in.

Even odder is that TNA is in the midst of a big storyline with Styles, which will culminate on tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling.

As soon as we confirm more, we will update, but earlier today the following was posted on Styles' official Facebook page: "Where do fans want AJ Styles to be? TNA? WWE? ROH? Japan? Lots of options. Tough decisions."

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