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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-22 10:00:00
Does WWE have enough footage to do a DVD on Mil Mascaras and do you think they would?

WWE would certainly have enough footage as Mascaras has made appearances for the WWWF, NWA/WCW, World Class, etc. over the years. I don't know whether it would be something that would sell to the average consumer worldwide however. A better idea to sell to the masses might be a DVD on the Latin influence on wrestling so you can include Pedro Morales, the Guerreros, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio profiles and matches, etc. Actually, that's a DVD that sounds like it could be fun.

Seth Rollins had me believing he injured his knee in his match on RAW, assuming it wasn't an actual injury. Is there any chance Shane could be incorporated into the Bryan angle that is ongoing?

Rollins was doing an awesome job selling. If he tweaked his knee, we haven't heard anything about it. It looked to me like he was already involved in the angle at the end of the night!

Two questions about Bray Wyatt: 1) Do you think it's a little odd that Bray Wyatt's finisher is also Cody Rhodes' finisher? I have never been a fan of two wrestlers in the same company using the same exact finisher. The only difference is that Wyatt kisses his opponent on the head. 2) I am going to assume that the Wyatt Family's pre-entrance where he blows the lantern out is pre-taped. It is painfully obvious (at least to me) that the lantern he uses in the pre-entrance is a kerosene lamp, while the one he brings out to ringside is electric..

I don't think it's an issue they both have similar finishes at all, especially since they are NOT the same move. The footage backstage is pre-filmed. I don't think there's an issue with using two lanterns, especially since the one he carries to the ring is safer than carrying a kerosene lantern!

I have always wondered how wrestlers communicate in the ring when there is a language barrier. Great example: The Great Khali. I was also watching a match where Andre the Giant and Giant Baba took on Demolition in Japan with a Japanese referee. I cannot imagine that Andre and Demolition knew Japanese. Maybe they did, at least enough to understand the ref.

There are language issues at time, but in Japan, most wrestlers speak enough English to get by since it's taught in schools. As if that wasn't enough, a dropkick in Japan is still called a dropkick since the moves and the genre was imported from America. So, the barriers are not as bad as you might think.

I have a question/suggestion about TNA on the road. You recently put up what TNA's attendance figures were for a TV Taping. Nontheless, they were pretty bad. While I do think TNA taking the tapings on the road needed to be done, I think they need to re-evaluate where they hold their tapings. For a company that's new in this venture, why are they booking arenas that fit 10,000 - 15,000 people when their average crowd for a taping is 2,500 - 3,500 (once or twice being 5,000 in Chicago). Even in Chicago they could have booked a smaller building that's closer to the city, instead they chose a 12,000 seat arena on the outskirts of Chicago. They should be trying to get INTO the city as much as possible and run a SMALLER building because it looks horrible on TV when you see the balcony above the nose bleed section completely empty. Heck, even the WWE back in 1997 STILL ran the Lowell Memorial Auditorium for a couple Monday Night Raws when they were already on traction in arenas. I'm not saying run a bingo hall, but run a place that fits 2,500-3,000 people, that maybe has a stage, in case more people want to buy tickets. This way they'll save off from running larger more expensive arenas + look good with a packed house on TV. The stage doesn't have to be WWE size. Heck WrestleMania 14 had 2 oval trusses and a small ramp between them for a set. As long as the ring action is good, try to downsize and get the most out of what you can for now. Then slowly start moving into larger venues (even then if there is enough interest). What do you guys think?

I don't have any issue with them running smaller venues, but they can't downgrade the production. The look of the show is one of the reasons they do well with overseas syndication of the series.

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