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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-18 22:50:30

The pre-show had Josh Matthews, Booker T, Shawn Michaels and Vickie Guerrero. Michaels looks like a mountain man now. As I mentioned earlier, CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar is now a No DQ match.

Around 7:32, Dean Ambrose came out to defend his US Title against Rob Van Dam. The crowd was way behind RVD. Your announce team is Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler. They had a really good match that ended after The Shield came down. Big Show and Mark Henry counterbalanced them. I wouldn't be shocked to see a six man added to the PPV.

The PPV will open with the Ring Of Fire Match.

The PPV opened with The Miz coming out, in his host role. He was wearing a tuxedo and had his hair slicked back. He welcomed us to SummerSlam and told us we had two main events: Punk vs. Lesnar and Cena vs. Bryan. Hey Miz, we bought the show, we know that! He then said we are going to kick things off with.....and Fandango came out. Really? Some fans that didn't get the memo were Fandangoing. Miz did his really gimmick and welcomed us to SummerSlam.

The show opened with Jo Jo singing the National Anthem. She did well. Good job Jo Jo.

The show opened with the Ring Of Fire match. Kane came out first to a good response. Bray Wyatt came out next and as soon as he lit the candle and said they were here, the fans popped. People like this act folks. ... The bell rang and they lit the fire and the fans popped. Fire is cool. The fans were chanting for the fire. On the first bump, which Wyatt took, the fire went up. Very cool. It happened again when they showed us Rowan and Harper on the floor. ... Kane hit a suplex and we saw the fire rise gain. Did I mention that fire is cool? It is rising on most of the big bumps. Fire is cool. ... After a few minutes, Bray called for his boys to help him. Harper tried to give him a Kendo stick but it caught fire and they put it out with a fire extinguisher. Harper tries to use the extinguisher on the flames but they don't understand how propane works and they lit right back up. ... Rowan and Harper then place a fire retardant mat over the flames as Kane was in control and they ran in and attacked him. Bray watched as they laid out Kane. The Family then picked Bray up to his knees and set him up for his finisher. Bray kissed him and hit the finisher for the win. ... It was more of a spectacle than a match. But fire is cool.

After the match, Bray sat in his chair in the aisle. The Family took the bottom part of the ring steps and laid Kane on it. They used the top part to "crush" him after Bray said, "You made your bed, now lie in it". The fans booed. Then they killed the lights and lit the lamp. Some fans cheered. They took Kane with them and went to the back. Looks like he may be in the family.

They through it back to the panel. We covered who they were earlier. Josh asked Booker about the Ring Of Fire match. Booker said it was disturbing and that the Wyatts have flipped the switch as to what WWE was all about. Shawn said it was a great debut professionally but a bit disturbing. Vickie took a shot at Brad Maddox. ... After that, they showed the Paul Heyman promo from the pre-show where they put the No DQ stip on the Punk-Lesnar. The fans popped like maybe they didn't hear that earlier.

Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes is up next. Sandow did a promo on the way to the ring saying he was the better half of his team with Cody. He will send Cody back to his family of carnival clowns. He ripped on Dusty Rhodes. The fans "whatted" him. Cody then came out, without his moustache. JBL and Cole want you to go watch their show to see why. Sorry fellas, don't care that much.

Cody was in control early but then Sandow took control. ... Cody came back and picked Damien off of the top and got a two with what I call a Backcracker. ... Rhodes his a modified bionic elbow and a springboard dropkick but Sandow turned the tide with a neckbreaker for a two. ... Cody hit a Disaster Kick but only got a two. Cody charged the corner but Sandow moved and Sandow got another near fall. Cody came back with the Crossroads and got the win. ... Solid opener. After the match, Sandow clutched his MITB briefcase.

Next up is the World Title match with Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian. The announcers are selling that this could be Christian's last chance at a title. ... The challenger came out first, the Champion second. They pointed to ADR's left eye, which they say was blackened by Christian on Smackdown. Word is that there was some kind of fight over the weekend in LA. ADR got some cheers in LA but more boos. Christian was introduced first and got a good pop. Lilian Garcia went to introduce ADR but he stopped her and made her do it en Espanol. He got a mix reaction from the crowd.

Early on they went back and forth until ADR got Christian on the ropes and kicked him in the back of the head. He does that spot so well. He then took over and began beating on Christian. He put Christian's arm behind his back and slammed him into ring barrier. He stayed in control for the next few minutes until ADR missed a kick and went through the ropes to the floor. Christian came off the top to the floor with s a splash in a cool spot. ... They both rolled back in the ring and threw punches, but ADR took control again, though he did get a bloody nose. ... ADR missed a spot off of the top and Christian then took over. He his a splash off of the top rope but only got a two. ADR begged off and tried to fake Christian but he didn't go for it. ADR hit a Backstabber but only got a two. He continued to work over Christian and went to the top buy missed a senton. Christian went to the top and hit a flying elbow. ADR then bull rushed Christian into the corner and set him up for a superplex but Christian reversed into a Sunset Flip attempt, which didn't work. Christian hit a rana off the top rope and almost got a three. Christian went for the Spear but was met with a standing drop kick by ADR. Two count only. ... Christian did a chop on the floor but was met with a kick as he came into the ring. Another two count. They were selling that ADR was frustrated and the fans chanted "This Is Awesome". They are right. ... Christian rolled up ADR out of nowhere for a 2 and then hit the Spear. Before he could cover, the injured shoulder gave out. ADR locked in the Armbreaker. Christian fought like hell to get out before tapping. ADR retains the title in an excellent match.

After the match Renee came in to ask Alberto if he felt good about retaining the Title. He said he feels good because he is still their champion. He said he felt better because he was representing Latinos. He got a pop. He said they need a hero and they have one, Alberto Del Rio. A lot of people popped. The way he works, I pop for him too.

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