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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-20 09:59:00

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I know this may sound a bit odd. But where in the world is Alicia Fox? Haven't seen her in months. Also, do the other divas show up to the Raw/Smackdown shows and work early or late dark matches? Or do they only travel when needed. I'm sure they work all the house shows right?

I have seen her on some house show reports and she was on Superstars a few weeks ago.  She just isn't in the main push mix right now.

With TNA's recent problems, is ROH slowly becoming the #2 product in the US? Not as far as exposure but, as far as profits?

They are both privately held companies so there is no real way to know what their finances are.  TNA has more revenue streams.  ROH has less expenses.

Here lately, it seems like all kinds of wrestlers and even companies are looking for us fans to "donate" our money. It's like everyday almost, I see some "KickStarter" or some wrestler needing donations. I mean jeez, it's like they want ALL of our money. lol.. I know we don't have to donate if we don't want to but, it feels like people are just begging too much these days.. It's feels like they are "Internet-Panhandling." I know they are independent contractors but, I have to work for my money too.. At the end of the day, they are people just like me and, I think if any of us had problems they wouldn't donate to us. So, why should I feel entitled to give them my hard-earned money. Wrestling is a lot tougher than people give credit for but, its not nearly the toughest job in the world (or even close) as, some wrestlers want you to believe that it is. It almost makes me lose respect for some of these people

You are well within your rights not to give.  In most instances, I totally agree with you.  And you are right, most would never give back to you if you needed it.  Obviously, they have more fame and play off of their goodwill with fans.  I am not a fan of Kickstarter either. I have always been someone that thinks if you have an idea and want to make it work, then you should put up the money and then reap the profits if you succeed (and take the loss if you fail).  But it's a new world now.  At the end of the day, you can just keep your wallet in your pocket.

Do you think it would be a good idea to turn Randy Orton heel and pair him up with Paul Heyman? An Orton heel turn has supposedly been in the works for sometime and, with Orton not being a great talker and, Heyman being the mouthpiece.. I know Orton can stand alone but, I think it would freshen up the heel turn.. With Heyman saying Orton is a huge star that WWE just "forgot" about and, Heyman being the guy who enticed Orton to remember what kind of "bad-ass" he is, instead of being the guy who the fans love but, gets nothing in return. Or, something of that nature..

I think any heel can benefit by being aligned with Heyman since he is awesome at what he does.  But I think Orton is good on the mic and doesn't need anyone to talk for him.

When Bobby Roode was the champion in TNA, it seemed as if the show was clicking on all cylinders.. Really, up until Lockdown of this year, TNA had been rolling on strong for the most part, with a few bumps in the road but, overall very strong.. It seems since Lockdown, TNA ran out of ideas to keep the momentum going and, now the show is very dull again.. Do you feel the same way? Also, would you consider Bobby Roode one of the TOP Best talents in wrestling today? I think TNA should of RAN with him as that, (Flair-style heel of the 80s-early 90s). The guy who always seems to keep the title or, win it back, while in the process making young babyfaces bigger stars. I believe he has that kind of talent in him. Just looking at the guy and, you see the "Championship Aura" all over him.

I think TNA has lost its way this year creatively.  I had no problem when Austin Aries stepped up and won the Title.  I liked the Aces and 8s angle at first, but then they dropped the ball with it.  I like Roode, but I don't think taking the Title off him is what started TNA's slide.

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