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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-18 11:37:36

Tonight is WWE's SummerSlam PPV. Mike Johnson and Mike Epsenhart will be in attendance. Richard Trionfo will be doing play-by-play here on the site, while yours truly will be blogging thoughts on the show. Join us tonight for full coverage of the biggest PPV of the summer.

Other than tonight's show, the big story this morning stems from the video that we posted earlier today. Suffice it to say, WWE management is said to be really unhappy with how the WWE 2K14 panel "discussion" went last night. In case you missed it, Ric Flair was completely off the rails. Jim Ross, who was hosting, acknowledged that complete control had been lost on a few occasions. In fact at a few points in the presentation JR even made a few references that the event was being sponsored by Grey Goose, which of course is high end vodka. To me, the best part of the presentation was when Paul Heyman got up and ripped up Jim Ross' script as it became obvious by that point that the thing had become a train wreck.

The ironic thing about Flair's behavior last night is that there has been a lot of talk about the company bringing him in as someone of a WWE Ambassador. If last night was a tryout for that spot, Flair has a lot of work to do. Seriously, WWE can't send him out to promote of TV PG product if that is the way he is going to conduct himself.

Variety interviewed Steve Austin in conjunction with the new video game. He said once again that he was ticked off that Tough Enough only lasted one season and he still doesn't know why it didn't get a second. He also pushed his podcast. Today he is recording with Ric Flair. That should be interesting after what went down last night. Flair said that they would be drinking heavily throughout it, while Austin didn't comment. You can read the article by clicking here.

WTAE in Pittsburgh interviewed Shawn Michaels at the opening of a new Field & Stream store. He talked about MacMillan River Adventures, Duck Dynasty, his new beard and his pick for the Summer Slam main event winner. You can watch it by clicking here.

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