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By Joe Piervincenti on 2013-08-17 23:41:26

Show started with Silas Young and Adam Page, did a great job of getting the crowd riled up, fast paced... Silas got the win with a crazy somersault type top rope jump I couldn't even describe...

Steve Corino came out to the announce table after this match, but was immediately booted by the referees and ringside staff, which the fans heeled big time.

Next up was the scramble match with ACH/Tadarius Thomas against Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander. Really unbelievable athleticism you'd expect from these guys, how they don't pass out from exhaustion after this match I'll never understand... Terrific match, nearly worth the price of a VOD purchase alone, crowd was super into it, C&C took the win.

Next was Mike Mondo vs Matt Taven with Truth Martini (whose outfit never fails to make me laugh) and two hot women. Taven won with the typical Truth Martini interference, decent match, nothing extraordinary but good.

Number four was the Young Bucks and Forever Hooligans. Really fun back and forth, very entertaining, tremendous match I'd recommend to anyone. Hooligans took it in what was definitely the best match of the night so far and will be interesting to see if anyone can top that tonight!

After intermission, RD Evans and QT Marshall came out to complain about not being booked for a match, and then chose to sit in the ring until they got one. Prince Nana, announced as the new corporate talent scout, and after berating the two, out came two guys in clown masks revealing themselves to be the returning Homicide and Eddie Kingston, awesome!  The place went nuts... They fought for a few minutes before Marshall and Evans gave up.

Next up is three world heavyweight title tournament matches which are of course being filmed for ROH Television. First was Tommaso Ciampa over Mike Bennett. They had Mike play off the BJ Whitmer injury by pretending he was going to piledrive Ciampa on the apron. A little tasteless but guess its alright as long as it wasn't actually going to be done. Second, Kevin Steen beat Roderick Strong in a great match. Third, Michael Elgin beat Karl Anderson in a fantastic match with a lot of tremendous spots.

Finally, the main event of the evening is Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards defending the tag team championship against Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish. Very solid match, and in an upset, Red Dragon won the tag teams championship when Kyle submitted Davey with an armbar!

Overall, a very good show with all matches ranging from solid to fantastic, with a good crowd and nothing disappointing at all. I'd definitely recommend ordering the VOD if they release it!

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