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By Keith Iorio on 2013-08-17 22:38:09

Top balcony is empty which has not happened in quite some time. Crowd is very into everything though and having a great time.

Prince Nana announced as the commentator and Nigel's new 'Head Talent Scout'. On commentary with Kevin Kelly. No Nigel.

Silas Young def Adam Page with a springboard corner moonsault variation. Good opener and both guys were over by the end for their first time appearing in NYC.

Steve Corino came out and tried to sit in on commentary but was dragged away much to the crowd's dismay.

Cedric & Caprice def ACH & Tadarius in a fun scramble tag. C&C won with Caprice hitting his leaping corner hurricanrana and Cedric hitting a frog splash on Tadarius. Another good match.

Matt Taven w/ House of Truth. Def. Mike Mondo. Taven wins with frog splash after multiple false finishes and HOT interference from the hotties and Truth.

Forever hooligans def Young Bucks. Awesome awesome match. Hooligans win with a Koslov torture rack and Romero comes off the top hitting a springboard knee.

Intermission time. Real fun show so far. Return date for Final Battle is 12/14.

Marshall Law promo about not being booked. Nana says his first two people signed are going to take them out. Two guys in creepy clown masks and dress shirts pants and ties surround them and attack. Unmasked to reveal Homicide and Eddie Kingston. Who then defeated Marshall Law. Match was longer and more competitive then it should have been and the returns weren't super over. Homicide 'broke' one of Evans fingers after.

Title tournament matches being taped for TV show.

Ciampa beat Bennett w/o Maria in a quarter final match. Match lost the crowd half way in. Bennett teased a pile driver on apron but got reversed. Ciampa hits a slam on the floor and rolls him in for the win.

Kevin Steen def. Roderick Strong in a great match to advance to semi finals. Steen wins w/ sleeper suplex and package pile driver. Steen over huge here. Non stop from the beginning. After Steen grabs a Generico mask from fan and a monster 'ole' chant breaks out.

Michael Elgin def. Karl Anderson in an awesome brutal match. Wins with sit out powerbomb.

Red Dragon just defeated the American Wolves to win the belts back. O'Reilly made Davey tap out to an arm bar. Match of the night. Really awesome match. Kingston and Homicide attacked Red Dragon after to a mixed reaction. Homicide 'broke' O'Reilly's finger. Kingston cuts promo after saying they are taking down the corporation that ROH has become. Calls themselves Outlaws, Inc.

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