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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-18 09:59:00

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Do you think there will ever be a Vince McMahon autobiography anytime soon?

No, I don't. Vince has never wanted any kind of biography or DVD.  Maybe down the road it will happen, but no time soon.  He is a live in the present kind of guy.

Think about the Monday Night Wars. I know TNA and ROH wrestling probably wont be on Monday nights. Do you see anybody coming in on Monday nights and competing vs. WWE? Or have times changed so much we will never see another Nitro? Do you think Ted Turner will ever start another company like WCW?

 No, I don't see anyone taking on WWE on Mondays.  TNA tried and failed.  Keep in mind that back in the 90s, WCW was an established brand that had millions watching on Saturday nights.  They weren't exactly even with the WWF but they weren't far behind. Plus today there are so many more choices for people I just don't see it happening.  As for Ted, I don't see it happening. 

Do you think leaving the IMPACT! Zone in Orlando has hurt TNA more than helped it? I remember when TNA first went live last summer every week, and there was a great buzz and some great storylines too, wrestlers were on the card every week, and even having a better stage/set helped out. Now they have left it seems that a lot of talent are being separated into 2 Impact tapings a night with a lack of storylines, for instance one week we don't see Jeff Hardy (arguably their biggest star), the next he is working a tag with no real story to get fans into. The only story is Bully vs. Hogan and wrestlers fighting A&8's. The Styles story has ended, Abyss story ended, Aries and Hardy are doing nothing, Roode & Storm are doing nothing, the tag titles & TV titles pop up when they feel like and not to mention the stupid ramp that leads to the ring that makes the arena look smaller than Orlando! Is there a chance they could go back to Orlando and do weekly live shows with possibly one live show on the road?

Taping two shows in one night is a lot and can lead to crowd burnout.  But there were times that the crowd at the Impact Zone hurt the shows as well.  They had become hard to satisfy at times.  So, for crowd reactions I think they are better off on the road.  Nope, they are not going back to Orlando any time soon.  This is the format that they will be using for the foreseeable future.

I heard today Brooke Hogan was released. Is this a work? Reminds me a lot of last year when Devon was gone, to the extent Hogan was even doing media saying he wished he would have stayed, only for him to pop up at BFG. Can we expect Brooke to return at BFG to screw Daddy out of the world title?

Keep in mind, contracts have expired in TNA before and then new deals get done and the stars return.  In this case, it's legit and she is gone at this point in time.

Why run all the tweets from WWE stars who have "congratulated" Darren Young on coming out. Like anyone's going to say otherwise who wishes to remain gainfully employed? Even though there may be those who have different moral views on homosexuality, you know as well as I do they won't say anything because the bad press would get them future endeavored.

It's news, so we ran it!  That simple.  I don't see any reason why there is a problem running them.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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