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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-17 10:28:59

As we reported on the site yesterday, Brooke Hogan is now gone from TNA.  The feeling internally was that her role on Impact had run its course and the sides decided it was time to part ways.  Hulk Hogan was brought into the discussion and as far as I know the parting was amicable.  Brooke is said to be focusing on non-wrestling projects going forward but the door is always open for a return at a later date if it makes sense to both sides.  Also, financial considerations did factor into her release.  One source in the company described her contract as being "A luxury we can't afford right now".  That is the truth too, as paying good money to a non-wrestler, who isn't any kind of draw, at a time when TNA is cutting people that actually take bumps is impossible to justify to the talent.  While there was no outward heat from the workers towards Brooke that I have heard about, there was a feeling among at least some of them that they felt at a time when money is tight, it should be spent on the people that actually work and not personalities.  That is a feeling I agree with.

I think it says a lot about TNA's PPV buyrate numbers when you look at what bringing the PPVs to Impact have done.  Last month, Destination X did 1,494,000 viewers, up from the 1,190,000 that they did the week prior.  Hardcore Justice did 1,319,000 viewers on Thursday, up from 1,179,000 the week prior.  The jump was about half of what they did last month, but at least they rose.  The flip side is that if they could only get 140,000 more viewers to tune in this week for a PPV quality show, they probably couldn't have gotten a whole lot of people to pay $29.95 to watch it.  So,  putting the shows on Spike, where higher numbers keep TNA's main source of revenue happy, was the right call.

Thomas Rude sent the following videos:

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