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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-17 10:00:00
I read where they were bitter feelings between TNA and Universal Studios when TNA decided to leave Universal to go tape shows on the road. Did TNA notify Universal Studios of their intention? Did Universal give their blessing? If they wanted to could TNA return to Universal Studios and the building where they originally taped wrestling shows?

We've heard Universal wasn't thrilled because TNA didn't give a lot of notice about pulling out of the theme park, partially because they had employees who were specifically working with TNA that had to be let go or re-assigned with little warning. TNA wouldn't be able to return as their Soundstage is now being used for other projects.

Having just watched CM Punk: Best In the World, one thing I found highly interesting were his comments about Paul Heyman and how he owes his WWE career to Paul. There are many wrestlers who would say the same thing about Paul Heyman, so could you see WWE ever producing a DVD about Paul Heyman and his contributions to pro wrestling?

That would be an interesting DVD. It's possible, but only if the company felt they would be able to sell DVDs. I don't know that they would.

With all the people in front and behind the scenes let go by TNA, are they losing money?

If the company was making a ton of money, none of those releases would have happened.

Even though TNA have released stars such as Taeler Hendrix and Tara could they possibly change their minds and attempt to resign them anyway?

It's possible they could bring some of the releases back down the line, or even use them on a per date basis, but not anytime soon. I don't see a lot of talents being happy to get a day of work when they were just told their weekly checks are done.

What's the latest with TNA Knockout star Miss Tessmacher?

You'll see her back on TNA TV next week.

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