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By Stuart Carapola on 2013-08-15 22:45:13
Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

We go right into the action with our opening match...

Bound For Glory Series Ladder Match: Austin Aries vs Frankie Kazarian vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy

Well this ought to be fun! Kazarian goes outside right from the start and goes for the ladder, but Aries goes out after him as Hardy and AJ go at it in the ring. AJ dumps Hardy out to the floor and takes him out with a dive while some fat mark with a fake title belt yells at him from the crowd. Kazarian comes in with the ladder and tries to climb up, but is stopped groin first by Hardy and Aries, who then turn their attention to each other. Hardy headscissors Aries to the floor and goes for the ladder, but AJ moves it out of the way and goes face to face with Hardy, skeeballing him under the bottom rope and then going for the ladder before Kazarian nails him with a slingshot DDT. Aries snaps Kazarian's neck down on the top rope as AJ smashes the ladder into his head, then Aries comes in and backdrops AJ to the floor. It's a mish mash of activity in the ring and on the floor as all four men go at it and stop each other from climbing the ladder. Aries and Hardy fight at the top of the ladder, but the ladder tips over and they fall into the ropesknocking AJ and Kazarian to the floor as we go to commercial.

We're back, and another ladder has found its way in the ring, and it quiclky finds itself being smashed over the back of AJ Styles as he tries to climb the original ladder. The ladders are side by side as all four men climb up, Aries sunset flips Hardy and powerbombs him off the ladder, and Kazarian tries to give them company by going for a suplex on AJ, AJ blocks that, but AJ and Kazarian find themselves falling off the ladder. AJ hammers Kazarian with a quick series of strikes, Aries drills AJ with the IED and goes up the ladder, Hardy tries to stop him and gets knocked off, AJ picks Aries off the ladder and goes for the Styles Clash, but Kazarian slips in and hits AJ with the Wave of the Future. The crowd is going nuts as Kazarian goes up the ladder, Hardy follows him up, and Aries dropkicks both men off the ladder, then quickly sets the ladder back up and starts climbing. Bobby Roode and Christopher Daniels come out to ringside as AJ springboards onto the ladder, they go at it, and Hardy shoves both men off the ladder and they roll out to the floor. Hardy is in, whips Kazarian into one of the ladders, hits a Twist of Fate, then sets the ladder up and starts climbing. The referee is distracted by Daniels as Roode comes in and goes at it with Hardy, and Kazarian takes Daniels' appletini and tosses it in Hardy's face, then climbs the ladder and grabs the clipboard for 20 points.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Hell of a match and a good finish, but later tonight, Chris Sabin defends the TNA World Title against Bully Ray in a steel cage!

The Main Event Mafia are backstage, and they're...WALKING!

Chris Sabin is backstage telling us that one of his favorite memories as a fan was watching Bully Ray and Devon put someone through a flaming table, but the same way nobody thought he'd beat Bubba the first two times, he's going to beat him a third tonight and make sure he never gets another title shot again.

Dixie Carter is in the ring with the Main Event Mafia (which she was thoughtful enough to warn us about via Twitter), tells us that Kurt Angle is in rehab, and goes on a spiel wishing him well and telling him that he has their support. Aces & Eights comes out to conftont the MEM, and Ken Anderson says they only have one week to come up with a replacement for their buddy, and Aces & Eights is really looking forward to ending Rampage Jackson's wrestling career before it even starts, ending the career of Samoa Joe, and he wants the fans to cheer Sting on now because he'll never wrestle again after next week. Anderson says Magnus was going to be the future of Impact Wrestling, and Magnus says the only future Anderson needs to concern himself with is the immediate future when he punches him in the mouth. It may be tough to find a replacement in the back, but Norfolk is Mafia Country and they can probably recruit someone from the audience if they need to. Oh, don't let that crowd believe they can get involved, Magnus. Magnus says one of Aces & Eights is going home with a pink slip, but Anderson says that Bubba gets the title back tonight, and one of them is going home next week. Aces & Eights jumps the Main Event Mafia and a brawl breaks out, and Rampage actually sells a beating as he gets his ASS KICKED by Devon. Aces & Eights has the numbers advantage and straight up flattens the Mafia...but no time for that, Tito Ortiz is arriving at the arena! What could this possibly be about?

Also: ODB, Gail Kim, and Mickie James are backstage, and they're...WALKING!

Hardcore Knockouts Match: Mickie James vs ODB vs Gail Kim

This one breaks down before the bell even rings, and Gail and Mickie kind of work together until they start fighting over who gets to beat ODB up. Mickie wedges a chair in the corner and whips ODB into it, but both girls try to cover ODB and they get into a shoving match, then go after each other. Mickie dumps Gail hard to the floor, then ODB goes out right after her as Mike Tenay tells us about how Hulk Hogan's been on the road participating in high end business meetings. I wonder if the executives he's meeting with read his Twitter. Mickie goes after ODB with a broomstick, but ODB fights back and uses her bra...yes, her choke Gail and hang her over the ropes with it. Mickie breaks that up and Gail gives ODB the ringpost figure four, and Mickie hooks ODB from the upper half with a sort of double arm wringer, and Gail and Mickie now go nose to nose. ODB gets liquored up, spits bourbon in Mickie's face, Gail hits ODB with the broomstick, ODB responds with a TKO on a chair, and covers for the win.

Winner: ODB

Loved it! Plenty of action and the Knockouts never disappoint in the ring.

Sting is backstage saying they need a replacement because of what just happened, and he knows the rest of the gang hates him, but he's going to talk to Austin Aries right now because they need him.

Sting catches up with Austin Aries and says he knows how much he hates Aces & Eights and that he's a former World Champion, and asks him to take Kurt Angle's place next week against Aces & Eights. Sting says they don't need to be friends, but they have a common enemy and they need him. Aries just smiles and says no, and we go to a replay of the finish of the ladder match earlier. We go back to the Main Event Mafia locker room as they talk over the Aries thing, then Sting comes in and tells them Aries said no. Rampage says he has business to take care of, and he storms out the door with Joe in tow.

Bully Ray is backstage on the phone telling the girl on the other end of the line that her man is getting his title back tonight, and next week it's about them and they're going to celebrate the way she knows he likes to celebrate. He tells BROOKE he loves her, and they can tell the world the truth next week.

Rampage Jackson and Samoa Joe come out to the ring and say that his MMA fans called him a sellout when he joined TNA, but those fans don't know him because he started out wrestling, and he came here to wrestle, not to get his ass kicked by some losers on mopeds. He knows he's gotta fight this guy in November, but he wants Tito Ortiz to come out because he needs his help. Ortiz comes out and gets in the ring with Rampage, and Rampage says they've trained together, they know each other, and MMA is different, he needs Ortiz to help out against the Aces & Eights next week. Ortiz says he's the longest reigning Light Heavyweight Champion in MMA history, and now Rampage wants him to join his tag team match? Before Ortiz can get his answer, Bully Ray comes out and says to look atchas, buddy buddy and best friends. IF he didn't have to win his title back later tonight, he'd come in the ring and beat the crap out of both of them right now and ruin the big Bellator PPV on November 2nd. Bubba's already got Rampage's number, and he wants Ortiz last week. If Ortiz gets in his way and makes the wrong decision, he'll make Ortiz his Huntington Beach bitch. Rampage and Joe have to hold Ortiz back as Bubba says he's done with both of them and walks off. Anderson comes out and passes his boss on the way as his Bound For Glory Series match is up...NEXT!

Bound For Glory Series Tables Match: Bobby Roode vs Brutus Magnus vs Samoa Joe vs Ken Anderson

Again, this breaks down as soon as everyone's in the ring and they brawl brawl brawl. They do a nice spot where Roode tries to whip Magnus into a table he set up in the corner, but Joe pushes Magnus out of the way to save him. Joe and Magnus double team Roode, then quickly each try to grab one of their opponents and put them through the table, but neither man succeeds and Anderson and Roode start to come back. Everyone goes out to the floor and Joe puts the ring bell over Roode's ding ding and hits it with the hammer. Maybe we can call that the ring ding. Joe does it again just as Anderson low blows Magnus in a nice touch, then drills Anderson with the Ole Kick. Magnua and Roode are in the ring, Magnus sets a table up in the corner, but walks right into a powerslam from Roode. Joe dumps Roode outside and catches him with a dive through the ropes, then Magnus catches Anderson on a crossbody attempt and hits a Snowplow. Magnus sets a table up, but walks into the Mic Check and Anderson is the only man left standing in the ring. Joe goes for a Muscle Buster throug the table, but Roode moves the table before Joe can finish the move, then he dumps Joe out to the floor, puts Magnus on the table, and heads up top. Kazarian runs out to ringside to stop Joe from going after Roode, and Daniels throws an Appletini in Magnus' face and allows Roode to powerbomb Magnus through the table and get the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Roode picks up a big 20 points, and now moves into second place after having no points at all just a few weeks ago.

The main event is up next!

Sting is backstage saying that Tito is Tito, but he's confident he'll show up next week to help out against Aces & Eights.

Ken Anderson and Bully Ray are backstage talking about his title match tonight, Anderson asks if he can beat Sabin and Bully says he doesn't know because Sabin beat him twice already. He brings up how the hammer cost him the title the first time around, Anderson said he did it to help him because they're Bully's friends, not his enemies, and Bully says Anderson doesn't seem like his ally right now, then he leaves an exasperated Anderson alone with his beverage.

Bully Ray makes his entrance to the cage, and the title match is up next!

It's main event time!

TNA World Title/Steel Cage Match: Chris Sabin vs Bully Ray

Bubba shoves Sabin around and says he's going to take his title, and he easily hoists Sabin up and slams him across the ring. Bully has about a hundred pound weight advantage, but Sabin uses his speed to hit a series of armdrags and charging forearms in the corner, followed by the hanging dropkick. Bubba tries to backdrop Sabin into the cage, but Sabin lands on his feet on the top rope and comes off with a crossbody for 2. Sabin tries to go up, but Bubba presses Sabin over his head, runs across the ring, and slams Sabin into the cage as we go to commercial.

We're back, and Bubba is still laying a beating on Sabin while putting the mouth on him, daring him to hit him in the face. Sabin fires back on Bubba, gets a backslide for 2, but takes a big clothesline to the face and the former champ is back in control. Bubba gets Sabin in a bearhug, Sabin fights free but gets backdropped into next week as Taz calls Bully Ray the Ringmaster. Bubba goes for a powerbomb, but Sabin slips out the back and gets a sleeper right in the middle of the ring. Bubba backs Sabin into the corner, but Sabin hits a tornado DDT and both men are down. Sabin starts firing back with a flurry of strikes and kicks, tears Bubba's cut off (oh he did NOT just do that!) and hits a Death Valley Driver, then whips Bubba with his own cut. Bubba drills Sabin with a boot to the face and an elbowdrop for 2, then picks Sabin back up and hits a Samoan drop for another 2. Now Bubba whips Sabin with the cut and he climbs the cage, Sabin jumps up and slaps him on the ass, and blows what looked like a top rope Frankenteiner attempt and Bubba comes down bad on his shoulder and starts screaming. Sabin goes for Cradle Shock, Bubba blocks and reverses to a suplex, then tells the referee to open the door. Sabin hauls Bubba back in and tries to scoot out himself, but Bubba just catches his ankle. The ref gets bumped and Sabin dropkicks Bubba headfirst into the cage, then comes off the top with a missile dropkick and makes a cover. No ref, so Sabin crawls to the door, but Anderson comes out of nowhere, slams the cage door into Sabin's head, and holds it shut while telling Sabin that he shall not pass. Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson run out to grab Anderson, but Ortiz pulls out a hammer and nails Rampage in the back of the head. Bubba picks Sabin up and powerbombs him, and the referee recovers just in time to count 3.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Bully Ray

Taz brings the title belt into the cage as the new champion and Tito Ortiz celebrate the Aces & Eights victory to close the show.

That's it for this week's show, I'll be back tomorrow to discuss Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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