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By Billy Krotchsen on 2013-08-15 19:21:01

JB is out welcoming the crowd. The arena is not full at all, very sad.

Xplosion match - Christopher Daniels d. Jay Bradley in a Bound For Glory series match.

Hardcore Justice opens with the 4 way ladder match: Kazarian def. Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles & Austin Aries (due to interference by Daniels and Bobby Roode). Awesome match.

Dixie Carter & The Main Event Mafia come out to the ring. Dixie says that two weeks ago Kurt Angle entered a rehabilitation center & he's still in there. They don't know when he'll be back but their thoughts are with him & they love & support him. Aces & 8s interrupt & say that means its 4 vs 5 and MEM has 1 week to find a replacement. They go back & forth for a bit & start brawling w/ Aces & 8s laying MEM out. Backstage Tito Ortiz is shown arriving earlier today.

ODB def Mickie James & Gail Kim in a 3 way match. Backstage MEM says they need a replacement, Sting says he's gonna go talk to Austin Aries cause they need him.

Backstage segment - Sting talks to Austin Aries & says MEM needs him. They cut to Bobby Roode backstage saying he's gonna win his match tonight & get more points in BFG series.

Back again w/ MEM, Sting tells them Aries said no. Rampage says he has the answer & needs to go to the ring.

Backstage Bully is seen talking on the phone w/ someone saying he's gonna take care of Sabin tonight & next week they'll reveal the truth about 'us'. He ends the call w/ 'I love you too Brooke'.

Rampage & Joe come out to ring. Rampage says MMA fans called him a sellout for joining TNA but he loves it here. He says he wants Tito Ortiz to be their partner against Aces & 8s. Tito comes out & says he was the longest reigning light heavyweight champ in MMA, etc. Bully interrupts & tells Tito if he didn't have a match tonight he would make Tito his 'Huntington Beach bitch'. Joe & Rampage hold Tito back while Bully leaves.

Bobby Roode won a 4way tables match against Joe, Magnus & Anderson. Daniels interfered & helped him win.

Backstage Sting is asked if he thinks Tito will work in MEM. He says he thinks so but he just doesn't know. Cut to Bully & Anderson backstage, they argue about Bully's match & if Bully can beat Sabin. Cage is set up & match is next.

In the main event Bully Ray beat Chris Sabin in a Steel Cage to win the TNA Title. The Aces and Eights and Tito Ortiz interfered to help Bully win.

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